8 DRAWING SUPPLIES for Beginners

Important Face Painting Tips for Newbies

Face painting is such a nice and enjoyable activity, not just for kids, or teens, but for adults as well. Aside from the fun experience it may give you, face painting can actually be a very potential business and everyone must remember that on whatever level of face painting you want to involve yourself in, all the safety measure must be practiced.

Warli Paintings: The Incredible and Expressive Tribal Art

Tribal & folk painting has special place in Indian art forms. One of these is Warli Painting of the Warli tribe living along Maharashtra-Gujarat border. This article looks into the key features of this art style.

Abstract Art Is Great for Beginners – Part 1

Give a child a box of paints and a paintbrush and something amazing will happen. Yet, if you were to produce similar artistic results you would be disappointed. “Why is that so?” Read on to find out more…

Choosing the Correct Brush for Effective Painting

There are many things that go into creating a painting. I have created a quick guideline to the types of paint brushes and what to expect from each of them. My goal is to help inspire you to create! The possibilities are only limited by own your imagination!

7 Essential Elements in An Iconic Band Logo

Iconic band logo is one of the best ways to package your band. It holds the key to your band’s success. Consider these seven elements in an iconic band logo.

Mona Lisa: The Finest Of Da Vinci’s Masterpieces

The painting of Mona Lisa is truly a one of kind extraordinary painting. It may be an artwork that is full of mystery, but it surely is something that all of us can be proud of.

How to Prepare Your Palette for Oil Painting

Your painting palette is an indispensable tool and like your brushes should be well maintained. An unsealed wood palette will leech the delicate oils from your paint robbing them of their lustre. Learn how a professional prepares a palette oil painting.

Fascination at the National Museum Eugene Delacroix

His works were typified by an emphasis on movement and colour rather than clarity of outline, focusing on dramatic and romantic content. Different from many of his contemporaries, Delacroix did not lean towards painting classical models of Roman and Greek art. Instead, his search for the exotic led him to North Africa.

How Can You Create Art When You Are Busy and Short of Time?

Do you feel all stressed-up and feel that your life is not your own? What you need is to find something interesting to do… But how do you find time for art?

The Choice Of Place Also Influences The Longevity Of Petroglyphs

Good places to look for rock art are the sites of ancient villages and ruins such as Mesa Verde, water sources, and animal trails. The surface on which art is created also influences the selection of technique. Caves, which often contain old concretions or clay, allow for fairly easy sculpting on walls or engraving on the ground and tend to last longer than outdoor paintings due to exposure to the elements.

How to Draw People – A Training Exercise to Hone Your Drawing Skill

This simple, yet powerful, drawing exercise will train you how to draw people like a professional. Do this exercise for a week and you will be drawing more accurately than many who have spent thousands of dollars taking workshops.

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