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Acrylic Paints Are a Great Option for Budding Artists

Acrylic paints are quite a new medium in the world of art if you compare them to the likes of oil paints or watercolours. The paint itself has only been available on a commercial basis since the 1950’s after the acrylic resin which forms the paint was invented by a Dr. Otto Rohm.

Acrylic Paints: A Great Medium for Beginners and Professionals

The 1950s was the decade in which acrylic paint first became available on a commercial basis. This innovative original paint and the techniques that developed from it gave rise to new forms of art being produced. Acrylic paints aided artists in producing work at a much faster rate and made artists like Andy Warhol for instance, rise to fame, with his outlandish new style known as ‘pop art’.

Portrait Painting, You Can Get Better Results Using These Two Simple Techniques

In the following article I am going to give some simple techniques to help you as an artist achieve accuracy in your portraiture. Sometimes as an artist you will start to evolve these techniques without even realising that you are using them, however, putting these techniques into words often helps the beginner.

Replicate A Favourite Painting With Art Supplies

If you would like to put your very own spin on a famous piece of art, you may want to replicate a favourite painting with art supplies. Aspiring artists are always looking for the next thing to paint but it can be difficult to focus all of your creativity energies on one project with so many different ideas buzzing around your brain. An area of painting that many artists might not have explored yet is the recreation of existing artwork but making it their own by using art supplies to provide the piece with…

Elements of Design – The Landscape Painter’s Principles

Just as athletes must learn the rules and then spend many hours in practice to develop their precision and style, so also the artist must learn the rules and then practice. This article is about some of the rules of design they must know in order to have a successful painting.

Van Gogh’s Summit Period

Van Gogh, as one of the most controversial artists, is a great pioneer in impressionism and expressionism. With more details about his life and his summit paintings, you will have a better understanding about his oil paintings.

Caspar David Friedrich

German Caspar David Friedrich was a skilled painter who was a key part of the Roamnticist art movement which was at its strongest in the 19th century before being superceded by the French impressionists. This article looks deeply into the career of Caspar David Friedrich and considers which were his finest oil paintings of all. Friedrich’s most famous painting was certainly his Wanderer Above the Sea of Fog masterpiece which depicts a character in the foreground looking out over a sprawling landscape which is covered by a sea of clouds with various mountains.

Tips On How To Buy Paintings Online

You can get a good deal if you buy paintings online. The internet lets you take your time and browse through dozens and dozens of artwork without a salesman breathing down your neck. You can pick several items and compare their prices, colors, subjects and themes.

The Life Story Of Vincent Van Gogh

Vincent van Gogh was a Dutch post-Impressionist painter who made more than 2000 artworks, including about 900 paintings. Van Gogh’s use of vivid colors and the emotional impact of his artwork resulted in his work being a big influence on 20th century art.

Paint A Favourite Photo With Art Supplies

If you are stuck for things to paint, then why not use art materials to recreate a favourite photo. Turning a beloved photo into wall art through painting will help transform a room by making a personal statement which is sure to resonate with friends and family members. Painting a photo with art materials is a great way to immortalise a favourite memory and placing it in a prominent place will allow everyone who enters your property to admire it.

Landscape With the Fall of Icarus By Pieter Bruegel

Landscape with the Fall of Icarus is a famous painting by Pieter Bruegel which depicts a small harbour scene in the background, with a man on a donkey in the foreground. It was unusual for Bruegel to compose a painting in this way and as such there has been considerable controversy over whether in fact, Bruegel was indeed the creator of the original. There have been no other reasonable ideas on who else may have painted this work, so it remains loosely ranked under the career of Bruegel.

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