ARE JELLY GOUACHES ANY GOOD? Testing Arrtx Jelly Gouache πŸ€”

Wall Art – A Must-Know Guide To Decorate a Kid’s Bedroom

If you plan to fix up your child’s room, make it into an adventure instead of a chore. It can be enjoyable to decorate a child’s bedroom if the whole family gets into it. Get suggestion from all family members especially from the child whose room you will be decorating.

Learn About Abstract Oil Painting

There are various kinds of paintings. There are different strategies and styles that painters used to communicate what they want to the spectators. Probably the most generally used is Abstract.

The Plus Sides of a Painting From Photo

When it comes to your old photos, many of us find that overtime, they fade and seem to blur and appear as if they are almost losing color. To someone who is scared of losing their memories or want to preserve one for much longer, there is a new option that they may want to utilize. This is the great and lovely paintings from photos option that has just newly arisen!

Which Photo to Art Method Is Best?

So you’ve finally taken the time to look into photo to art paintings and you aren’t entirely sure which method you should choose in order to make your paintings look the absolutely best that they possibly can. First of all, you have four different methods that are the most popular. By using these methods, you allow yourself to choose what will make your painting look the absolute best and also take it to the next level as far as its appearance goes.

“Thomas Lawrence – Regency Power And Brilliance” At the National Portrait Gallery, London

The new exhibition of the portraits of Regency artist Thomas Lawrence is his first major show in thirty years. This article examines why this highly successful artist is so little known today.

Why Online Art Galleries Are Changing the Way We See Art

Online art galleries have made it possible to find artists that may have never been seen if it were not for the internet.Β Art purchases were for the longest time only limited to local and national showings of an artist’s work.Β Then there were catalogs which put together assorted works from various artists for sale to the general public.

Choosing Your Art and Knowing Which Medium Is Right For You

Many artists seem to be born with the knowledge of how they will create, what tools they will use and every image or sculpture they will ever produce. While this may be true for some artists, not everyone is born with this knowledge and no one goes through out their life without being influenced in one direction or another. Many artists are first encouraged by their family, they may be given a camera or a box of finger paints.

Old Guitarist by Picasso

Old Guitarist is a charming Pablo Picasso painting that remains amongst his best known works from an impressive career that is a popular topic of study for those looking to learn more about modern art and the roots of Cubism. This article discusses the specific Old Guitarist painting and also underlines how it lies within his life as a whole, when considering all the other fine paintings that were produced by Picasso, along with all the other art mediums in which he was involved.

Three Musicians by Picasso

Three Musicians is a famous painting from Pablo Picasso that is covered in some detail within this article. There is also further comment on where Three Musicians fits into Pablo Picasso’s long and impressive career. Three Musicians is a colourful Cubist painting which is one of Picasso’s most popular within today’s art market, and a common reproductions as framed art print, poster or stretched canvas.

Don’t Be Intimidated by the Airbrush

Airbrushing has come a long way while the design of the airbrush has pretty much stayed the same. Sure there have been some modifications and tweaking of the airbrush here and there but generally it hasn’t changed much. What has changed is the many uses that have been found for the airbrush.

The History of Claude Monet

This article discusses the story of Claude Monet. This article also tells about his wife and the final years of his life.

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