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Abstract Art – How to Invest in Good Art

Buying Abstract Art is easier than ever before. The Internet now provides an excellent way for you to view, evaluate and buy art from the comfort of your living room.

How to Create Depth in Paintings

Step by Step details on how to create depth in paintings. What colors make things appear larger, what colors make things feel smaller. How to create the painting layout to make foreground images appear closer and background images deeper.

Painting Murals – Pushing It To Work

As expressive beings, we have the ability to exhibit our views thorough the Fine Arts. It is significant that as a culture, we share our art and treasure our artists within our neighborhoods and communities.

Buy Oil Paintings Depicting Mother and Child

The ever so well-liked depictions of mother and child in oil paintings are timeless. This topic is however the most sought after in terms of buying oil paintings. Right here are some of the renowned paintings with the images of motherhood – excellent gift for any moms out there.

Stretched Canvas: Why Your Painting Surface Is Important

Canvas in itself is a very weighty plain-woven material. It has numerous uses from being made into sails, tents, and marquees, to other items for which the solidity canvas can offer is essential. One of the most common and popular uses is by artists as a painting surface.

Paintings Exhibition: Melange – One for the Senses

Featuring more than 20 artists from across India the displays include watercolors, oil on canvas as well as a handful of sculptures, some of them by relatively lesser known artists. Like the definition of its title the show is multi-layered and evokes myriad emotions and some of the works demand sustained viewing.

Custom Portraits From Your Photograph

Custom portraits are a fantastic gift idea for anyone and any occasion if you wish to turn old photos into custom portraits. Professional artists will paint your photographs by hand onto canvas in any style you chose. Custom portraits are a real nice gift idea to present to a loved one and something they really wouldn’t expect. You can revamp an old photo and really bring it back to life, even old black and white photos can be brought back from the obscure and turned into colour vibrant custom portraits.

Pen and Wash – Create Your Palette

Using the right watercolors for your pen and wash is easy when you use a few select colors; this is called a limited palette, or controlled palette. Every artist uses a favorite group of colors.

American Painters and Internal Necessity

In the first half of the 1900′s, Americans saw dramatic advances in science and technology coupled with the Great Depression and two World Wars. The tumultuous times gave birth to a diverse variety of painting styles.

British Paintings

British paintings are covered within this article that looks into the most influential artists from the UK from the past few centuries and this takes in several different art movements such as Romanticism and also the Pre-Raphaelites who followed soon after. Famous British paintings come in all sorts of different styles thanks to the different influences which have been taken in over the years, with Italy and France being the most significant in offering new ideas to British painters.

Pen and Wash – What to Take Outdoors

Pen and wash outdoors can be fun, but what do you take? I narrowed down nine essentials you will need to enjoy a great painting experience in the wilderness.

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