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An Insight Into the Process of Canvas Printing

Canvas printing is the ideal solution for those looking to decorate their walls with art. Canvas printing, as the name suggests, is the process by which an image is printed on to a canvas. The material used in the canvas is usually cotton or a plastic based material.

Rolling a Painted Canvas: 5 Simple Tips

You might want to roll a painted canvas either to store it safely or to send it through mail. Rolling a painted canvas can sometimes be tricky and if sufficient care is not taken the painting can get damaged. This article outlines 5 tips to roll a canvas.

How To Paint Like A Grand Master

Read this article if you have ever wondered how you might become a painter like all the grand masters. Picasso, Renoir and Monet all had to start somewhere so why can’t you do the same?

Canaletto Prints

Canaletto prints are a very popular way of appreciating the stylish architecture and scenery of the Italian city of Venice, as it is his work in Italy that this painter is best remembered for. As the career of Canaletto developed he was to travel to Germany and Britain to widen the variety of his topics but the early Venetian works are undeniably his best remembered in the present day.

Manet’s Olympia

Olympia by Edouard Manet is regarded as one of the finest impressionist paintings. Manet painted Olympia back in 1863 at the same time that he produced another notable work Le dejeuner sur l’herbe, The Luncheon on the Grass. This article discusses Olympia and the rest of the career of French impressionist Edouard Manet.

Best Paintings in Oil: Oil Painting Tips

In order to create best paintings in oil, we have to know some basic oil painting tips, techniques and some information about color. Here are a few tips to help you get the most from oils…

The Basics of Color Theory for Artists

Color theory has a ton of definitions! A ton. Artists, painters, illustrators, and designers need to know the Color Wheel in order to succeed. Here are a few basic concepts of Color Theory.

Pablo Picasso – A Great Artist

Discover art by possibly the most influential artist of the twentieth century, Pablo Picasso. Born in Malaga, Spain, in 1881, Picasso lived until 1973, spending most of his life in France.

The Most Expensive Paintings Sold at Auction

The world’s most expensive paintings sold at auction are testament to the popularity of art, and the updated Top Ten List reveals a growing interest in contemporary art. Works from the Abstract Expressionism movement in America top the list followed by nouveau art, Picasso, Pop Art, Renaissance art, and figurative art from Francis Bacon.

Paul Cezanne Prints

Paul Cezanne prints are amongst the most impressive of any artist in recent centuries and reproductions are frequently made of his original oil paintings. Cezanne also produced many impressive watercolour paintings as well which suited his interest in landscape paintings that took up a large section of his work. This article covers Paul Cezanne prints and paintings in full as well as discussing his career in general terms as well.

The Joy of Relaxing – How Bob Ross Helped Me Rest

Every Sunday after church, the first thing I would do when I got home was to take my shoes off turn on the television and lay out on the couch. The channel was the local PBS station and the show was “The Joy of Painting” featuring Bob Ross. I was guaranteed a wonderful Sunday afternoon nap. Not because the show was boring, but rather because it was so relaxing. There were a few things about Bob Ross and his work that made it so easy to nod off peacefully.

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