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How to Paint Luminous Shadows in Watercolor

Painting luminous shadows in watercolor can change your painting from good to great! Many people perceive shadows to be gray, and that is how they paint them. They often end up lookingdull and opaque.

Tanjore Paintings

Culture is a dynamic force that complements the life pattern of a society. It reflects the procession of time and the crisscross patterns of migratory influences in arts and other progressions of life.

Tips for Painting a Rose With Watercolors

Approach painting a rose in watercolor as you would any other subject, and you will find it is not all that difficult. Let’s say you are painting a pink/red rose in a tall clear glass bud vase. Start by making a value sketch on a piece of drawing paper.

The Evolution Of Modern Art Painting And The Pioneers Therein

The Modern art is abstract expression of the artists on the canvas and no specific relation can be made to the natural object seen in the world. The combination of colours and shapes and the thought process of the artist is the crux in these paintings. America is the nation that pioneered the birth of modern art.

Tips on Painting From a Photograph

Here are a few tips about painting a picture using a photograph as the starting point. Think about these points before beginning your painting for the best result.

How to Paint Hair in Watercolor

Painting hair in watercolor calls for imagination and letting your creativity flow. This is the fun of the medium. You will want to give your subject’s hair depth and interest, as well as variations in color.

Framing a Painting – The Best Way to Frame a Watercolor

Framing a watercolor painting has some distinct options to consider. These include the selection of mats, glass, and frame. In this article I have broken this down into easy to understand sections. Let’s start by looking at how to go about choosing the right mats to enhance your painting.

Tommaso Masaccio

Masaccio was an Italian painter who came before the likes of Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo, helping to lay the foundations within Italian art for them to follow on afterwards and add their own ideas to the art movement of Renaissance which has by then already built up a huge amount of momentum. This article looks into the influential career of Masaccio and places his work within the overall development of the Renaissance artists. There is also discussion on his most important art works, which in the main were frescos.

Egon Schiele

Egon Schiele is a famous Austrian expressionist artist whose work bears resemblance to that of Gustav Klimt, who himself was an inspiration to Schiele throughout his early career. Egon Schiele sadly lived only a short life but within that did manage to create an impressive amount of high quality sketches and paintings. Both Schiele and Klimt are seen as exceptional sketchers and their chosen subjects were typically female models, many of which they would use several times after finding ones that we particular favourites to them.

Gift Ideas for Photo Canvas Arts and Prints

Photos on canvas are art pieces that can be used as a good gift idea to someone special. If you are one of those people who are seeking for a special gift idea for your loved one on special occasions, you might want to consider making canvas arts using photographs. As of today, there are a lot of companies offering custom canvas prints to potential clients who are fond of making canvas wall arts which rapidly turned into photographs on canvas, making this work of art as a form of artistic creation.

Creating Depth With Watercolor

Watercolor paintings with depth have a realistic quality which can be achieved in several ways. Once you have these techniques mastered, your paintings will have a more dimensional feeling to them. The viewer will feel he is able to walk in, and through your watercolor.

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