Modern African Women

This is truly a passionate original painting that shadows life and character. This painting focuses on three dancing figures in the center of each panel that are painted in black.

Hans Holbein’s Henry VIII

Hans Holbein the Younger painted many excellent portraits of English King Henry VIII in the 16th century. This article uncovers the career of this famous German painter, plus his father The Elder who also was a major name of the Northern Renaissance within the 16th century. Hans Holbein the Younger was certainly the better known artist of this family dynasty and his portraits have helped to keep his reputation strong in the modern day because of the prominence of many of those who he covered within his career. As a talented 16th century portrait painter, Hans was invited to not only paint King Henry VIII but also many others who were closely aligned to the King such as Jane Seymour, Sir Thomas More, Anne of Cleves, Sir Thomas Wyatt and Anne Boleyn.

Painters and Artists Have a New Worthy Competitor – Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence may in fact supplant the need for human labor which requires using one’s brain. Previously, machines and robots have been busy taking away unskilled jobs and heavy labor type work. So, much of the focus in our schools and colleges lately has been to create jobs for a thinking, innovative, and creative class of modern workers, but this may prove to be an ironic mistake.

Klimt’s Water Serpents

Water Serpents 1 & 2 by Gustav Klimt are two elaborate paintings which help define his career as a highly innovative period of great achievement. Austrian Klimt was an artist who loved to depict beautiful women in his paintings, but not in the typical style as had been seen for centuries before. This painter much preferred a different approach that was much more contemporary, with his imagination running wild to create a mystical finish that is still much loved even today. Klimt produced a whole host of other exceptional paintings and preparatory pencil sketches including The Tree of Life, Stoclet Frieze, Farm Garden with Sunflowers, Forest of Beech Trees, Donna con Ventaglio, The Kiss and Apple Tree.

Van Gogh’s Night Cafe

Cafe Terrace at Night on the Place du Forum and Night Cafe are two famous oil paintings by Dutch post-impressionist artist, Vincent van Gogh. This article covers them both in detail and places them within the context of the artist’s overall career. The two were painted in 1888 but were not at the same cafe bar, in fact covering two different ones which some people do not always realise. The one used in Cafe Terrace at Night on the Place du Forum has since renamed itself as Van Gogh Cafe and has since brought in huge numbers of tourists as a result who are all brought in by the beauty of that particular painting.

Van Gogh’s Shoes

Shoes and Boots by Vincent van Gogh are key paintings from the career of this skilled post-impressionist artist. Both specifically underline both the poor life that the artist lived for much of his life but also show how he was interested in the relatively mundane objects from the lives of the more disadvantaged people in the late 19th century. Typically at this time artists were only interested in covering the famous and wealthy within their art. Vincent van Gogh admitted that he never had the money to produce figurative paintings and if he had enough money for models he would have focused entirely on this type of painting and neglected other ideas. Without figurative works he found inspiration and great interest in simple objects that he found in and around his relatively modest lifestyle and these also served as symbolic items for portraying the lives of the poor at that time.

Rock Painting – Fun For All Ages

A local resident from Bridgewater has captured the glory of Shenandoah Valley more than once on canvas. She has been an artist for about 36 years and her reason for carrying easel and oils is not just to paint nature. She uses her collection of cut-outs from daily newspapers over the years in order to paint.

Van Gogh’s Chair

Chair by Vincent van Gogh features the original simple chair which can also be found in his series of paintings that were based on his own bedroom. The Yellow House in Arles is the famous location of this bedroom and the chair itself and it was here that he prepared a home ready for friend Paul Gauguin to stay as the two aimed at working together to improve each’s art.

Van Gogh’s Irises

Irises by Vincent van Gogh is one of the most impressive post-impressionist paintings ever made and features the artist’s characteristic use of bright, bold oil colours. This article covers the painting in detail and also comments significantly on the career of it’s maker, Van Gogh.

10 Things You Need to Know About Oil Paint

Oil paints are the most commonly used paints in paintings. Every artist loves the appearance and texture of this and an innumerable results that can be got from using them. Some of the most famous works have been done using oil paints and we all know how they have lasted for centuries. Let us now discuss few points that can help us paint better using oil paints.

Find Out About Texture Finger Painting Classes

Will you be about to enroll your son or daughter in texture finger painting classes? Do you want to instruct your child texture finger paint well before enrolling him or her in these courses? Do you want to discover texture finger painting just before showing your child?

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