Photography As Art and Reference for Artists

Photography, especially modern digital photography has given everyone the ability to become a photographer.  While not everyone has the artistic eye of what we define as the artistic photographer, the tools of the digital camera and the software to manipulate those images is readily available to all.  This makes it possible for anyone to develop their own photographic style or even mimic the styles of their favorite photographer.

Grandma Moses, Renowned American Folk Artist and Inspiration

Grandma Moses is a treasured American artist that was named one of the most newsworthy women in the 1950’s. She is also one of the greatest examples that it is never too late to start painting or anything for that matter. Grandma Moses started her painting career as a hobby in her seventies.

Investing in Art and Being a Benefactor to the Arts

Not everyone that would like to be considered a collector of art can necessarily afford a Van Gogh, Picasso or Monet, but these are not the only collectible works of art in the world.  Regional artists offer a unique way in which people can build their collections of art in a unique and more affordable way.  One of the best ways to build a collection is to be a benefactor to a local artist.

Airbrushing Kits – How to Select the Right One

Airbrushing kits can get extremely expensive and it is recommended that you do your homework and make some choices prior to you making any purchase. This way, when you are ready to purchase you really feel comfortable in knowing that the airbrushing kit you’re buying really fits your specific needs and price range.

About Pet Portraits Artwork

One of the ways of keeping the memories of your pets is having pet portraits. To have dog portraits of other portraits of pets, you need to consider the various options of paintings available to choose from. Some of these options are provided in this article.

How To Paint With Watercolors For Beginners

Painting with watercolors presents unique challenges to the artist. Watercolor painting is very unforgiving in that you can’t simply cover your mistakes with more paint like you can when painting with oils. What is needed by the watercolorist is skill and skills can be learned if you choose the best teacher. If you are serious about learning how to paint with watercolors, this could be the most important article you read today.

A Medieval Mickey Rourke, Who Could Paint!

Admired and much studied today as one of the great artistic innovators of the 12th century, Duccio and his master Cimabue paved the way towards a realism in painting that dragged art out of the symbolism of the Byzantium period and moved it towards the Renaissance. He was a much respected artist of his time and a total social misfit to boot.

Luncheon of the Boating Party – About Renoir’s Most Famous Painting

“Luncheon of the Boating Party” (also known as “Le dejeuner des canotiersis”) is Renoir’s last major work in Impressionist style, before he returned to techniques that more akin to the Old Masters. He was conscious that he had undertaken an ambitious work, and he pushed himself to his limits during a whole summer living “on site” at Chatou.

Must I Market My Art?

What can you do with paintings kept inside your storeroom? We paint since it’s a way of life. It’s a means of communicating and challenging the average. We do it like we take a shower on a daily basis. It’s just the thing we do.

Ways to Make Money for Your Paintings

I love painting and like many people I feel like it releases me from daily life where you have to deal with money, bills, shopping and general things with your family. The problem is that although I love painting I also find it very difficult to afford my equipment and stock. Like many people it does cost me quite a lot of money to purchase my new canvases, paper, brushes and paints.

Techniques in Creating Masterpiece Paintings

Paintings in oil started within the era of Mediterranean of the Roman and Greek civilizations. The oil painters then used natural mediums blended as fluid with water and volatile oil additives. And through Leonardo DaVinci’s time, who lived till 1519, created his own oil paintings by adding as much as 10 % bees wax to his oils after which boiling the combination.

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