Learn to Watercolor – Important Thoughts Before You Begin

Why watercolor? Because you can suggest any texture or surface, lighting or atmosphere with this innovative medium. Let me explain: Watercolor captivated my imagination when I saw how other artists had captured the feeling of sunlight and reality by simply using paint and water. I knew I had to know more about this magical medium. My journey took me so much further than I could have ever dreamed. Now I want to share that adventure with others.

Ways You Can Protect Your Art From Getting Damaged

There are many types of framing available in the market which can strongly protect your art from any damage. You can hang it on the wall of your room, living room or drawing room. Frame must cover the art from all the sides. In this way, your room will look good and your art will be saved from any kind of damage. There are mat boards that are very quality frames to protect your art.

New York’s Subway Art

If you’re looking for a cheap way to see great art, considering perusing the numerous pieces that are hosted by the New York Subway system. There are several pieces hosted that are unique and just as beautiful as pieces in the museums, for less of the cost.

So What Does Indiana Jones Have To Do With Art?

If you go back and look at my earlier paintings, you’ll see a common omission – people. Truthfully, I enjoyed letting the viewer put themselves into the painting, or even putting characters into it and telling the story THEY saw happening. But it also glaringly highlighted what intimidated the hell out of me – actually PAINTING people.

Choosing a Pet Portrait Artist

Choosing a pet portrait artist isn’t easy. Not only is there the initial cost to consider, but there is the type of painting to go for and the decision on how your pet should look. This article is aimed at demystifying the experience so you can be confident in choosing the right artist for you.

Various Styles of Indian Paintings

The Indian paintings are very vast, diverse, unique, and historic just like India. These paintings are full of art, beauty, and culture. The name of India comes on the top of the list as one of the nations that hold distinctive images for having exceptional contribution in the global arena of art. India has been known worldwide as one of the cultural rich nation.

Artists’ Prerogative

Is digital art just as good as an oil painting? My thoughts on the subject.

Del Parson – The Finest LDS Artwork Creator Of Our Time

For over twenty years the most prominent creator of LDS artwork has been none other than the amazing Delwin Oliver Parson. Delwin, who goes by the name Del, was born in 1948 in Utah. His most noticeable piece of LDS artwork is easily “Christ in Red”, though it is far from the only one.

Death of Aesthetics

Have you ever wondered what is it that makes a painting great? Why are some artworks so admired by art lovers and art critics? What qualities possess certain paintings that make us feel so passionate about them?

The Art of Anna Razumovskaya

Razumovskaya is well on its way to becoming a household name. The paintings and drawings that bear the Razumovskaya signature are increasingly collectible and sought-after, with art collectors entering resolutely into bidding wars over these exuberant, captivating and classy paintings.

How To Choose A Painting To Give As A Present

Here is some advice on what to consider when choosing a painting as a gift. While they do make excellent presents, they can also be tricky to get right.

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