Hard Edge Painting – Its Artists, Paintings and Influences

Hard-edge painting refers to an oil painting style that is related to various movements and is distinguished by an abrupt transition between areas of solid colour which involves many different painting techniques. Developed as a reaction to some of the forms of Abstract Expressionism, hard-edge painting is not so much a movement in its own right but a trend initially found in many artists who grouped together to hold an exhibition of this art form in 1959 at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art called “Four Abstract Classicists.”

Oil Painting Lessons – How to Learn Oil Painting

How to learn oil painting begins with a step-by-step, take you by the hand course that serves as a single source for painting with oils. This article details one man’s struggle to fulfill the dream of developing the skills needed to paint with oils. This journey begins with unlearning everything he already knew about oil painting.

How to Hire a Professional to Make an Oil Painting Portrait

The society turned into a global village and the ways to get an oil painting portrait became globalized, also. These days more and more Internet hiring of portrait painters becomes popular.

Learn Oil Painting – Is It Hard to Paint With Oils?

Painting with oils is a pleasurable experience and the rewards are hard to measure. But many people are reluctant to get started, or they have started and are disappointed with the results. Oil paintings require a measure of talent, but the skills you learn will determine the outcome. Skill as an artist is a learned factor and if you are willing to devote a little time and effort, you can amaze your family and friends with the artwork you create.

Weigh the Pros and Cons of Buying Oil Painting Online

It is just typical for people to find it hard to put their confidence on an idea that still leaves them hanging with some uncertainties. However, most of the time letting go of the opportunities that come the way becomes a reason for us to deal with regrets in the end.

Madhubani Paintings – Ethnic Indian Art

Madhubani Art and Painting is an ancient style of ethnic rural Indian painting that originated in Madhubani/Mithila. The Madhubani/Mithila region consists of parts of North Bihar and Southern Nepal. Madhubani paintings can be traced to the time of the Ramayana.

The Use of Different Types of Artist Brushes

Different types of artist brushes are manufactured to meet the requirements of artists. An excellent paint brush can work wonders and bring life to any canvas. With over a million brushes available in the markets today, it is quite a task to choose the right kind of brush.

Getting My Art Out There – 5 Tips to Get Noticed

What’s the perennial question that a good half of all artists face? It’s not a lack of inspiration, or the money to sustain oneself. From our survey, It seems that its simply – How do I get noticed?

The Oil Painting Reproductions – Affordable Way To Creativity

Oil painting reproductions are the last call of the day! Are you excited to add a new Midas touch to your home? If your answer is in the confirmation, you will surely delight your aesthetic masterpiece reproductions of painting. The ultimate pleasure of owning this masterpiece reproduction would be good face on your walls.

Learn and Master Painting – No Class Attendance Or Expensive Fees Involved

Not everyone can paint. There are people who have struggled and tried all their lives just to come up with a decent painting to no avail. Many have already given up and just convinced themselves that painting is not really for them. In reality though, painting is an activity that can be done by anyone. It’s all a matter of adhering to some techniques and practicing a lot.

Understanding Abstract Painting – Part VIII

This article examines the art principles of contrast and dominance. Three works of art are examined for their use of these two principles.

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