Oil Painting – How to Create Your First Portrait to Painting

A portrait is any pose of a person or animal that you choose. Oil painting portraits are best known however by capturing a person or animal form the shoulders up and focusing on the head and facial features most often. Even beginning oil painters can learn to paint portraits if given the proper instruction and tools.

LDS Pioneer Art Painters – Love of Their Ancestors

This artwork can be seen all over the church; it helps members reconcile their past and look forward with faith to the future just as Wee Granny Murdoch looked forward to her family settling in the western part of this nation. Pioneer art is an expression of love for their ancestors. Remembering these heroes is a great way to gain spiritual strength even in these modern times.

Watercolor Paintings As Compared to Oil Paintings

Watercolor paintings are far different from oil paintings. They each have there own element that offer very different effects.

Painting Tools – Brushes Are Important

When you first start to paint it will not take you long to realize how important the right painting tools are to colorize your drawings. The correct type of paper is a necessity. Brushes are important to skillfully paint fine point to smooth strokes.

Hand Paintings With Acrylics – Family Therapy Turned Hobby

If your parent or your child has experienced high stress and is suffering from anxiety or other mental or physical problems hand painting is wonderful therapy. And if you are a person in good health consider painting as a wonderful hobby or as a new career.

Andrew Wyeth – Way to Watercolor

Andrew Wyeth, one of the most famous U.S. artists of the 20th century, and even perhaps in history, found inspiration in daily life. As his popularity grew, so did the debates surrounding him and his art.

Portrait Painting Techniques That Express Realism – Oils, Acrylic or Watercolor

Portrait painting that expresses realism is achievable if you practice and use correct techniques. It does not matter if you are using oil, acrylic or watercolor paint. Here are a few techniques that will help bring your portraits to life no matter which medium you are using.

How to Paint Hair in a Portrait

Understanding some key portrait painting techniques will certainly help when you learn how to paint a person on canvas. Without knowing how to correctly add hair you could easily ruin your portraits. One of the last things that I do in a oil, acrylic or watercolor portrait is painting the hair.

Portrait Painting Techniques for Beginners

When learning portrait painting techniques, one must study and practice if they want to be happy with their end results. Although all artists are different, many techniques that they all use are the same. Below are a few techniques you will need to master as an oil, acrylic or watercolor portrait artist.

Learning Acrylic Canvas Painting

Acrylic canvas painting is a very interesting and satisfying art. As a hobby it can be fulfilling, remunerative and a skill to show off. For a talented painter it is an expression of emotion and a realization of self.

Painter Uses Art Supplies to Make 3D Pictures

Artist Sarah Graham utilises art supplies to fool people into thinking that her paintings are three dimensional. The artist stated on her official website that she has developed her own photorealist style that aims to create an image which is as life-like as possible and makes the viewer think that the painting is real. Sarah Graham said: “I have been developing a method of painting specific to creating the illusion of three-dimensionality.

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