HOW I DRAW FACES | Drawing Tutorial

Cleaning Tips For An Abstract Canvas

It doesn’t matter if your abstract canvas is expensive or not, you should still take care of your painting properly. You bought your artwork because the image on the canvas meant something to you or you connected with the artwork somehow. You can continue to enjoy viewing your canvas wall art for a long time if you take care of it well and clean it every so often.

Vincent Van Gogh – How Little We Really Know

We all know his paintings, but how much do we know about the man himself. It is fascinating to find out how little we actually know…

What Art Does For Your Room

When you start decorating a room or several rooms in a property, this is a highly enjoyable and exciting process. Here you get to personalize an area and to stamp your mark on it, and to create a space that is completely designed for you – that says who you are and that makes you feel comfortable, at home and able to relax and do the things you enjoy. It’s a true joy and something that everyone can take pleasure in.

Painting Tips, Getting Cleaner Hues and Tones by Ordering Paint on the Palette

The palette is to an artist what the keyboard is to a musician, it is the medium through which an artist expresses himself and as such looking at the palatte of an artist can tell us a great deal about how he or she works. If the paints on your palette are not ordered and neat then you run the risk of laying muddy colours on your painting, and having to waste paint which has become mixed unintentionally with others. You can avoid this by following simple rules…

Vincent Van Gogh: How to Get the Most Out of Your Museum Visits in Holland

There are two major collections of Vincent van Gogh paintings in Holland. The main one is the famous Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam, and the other is near the remote village of Otterlo, situated in the National Wildlife park of Hoge Veluwe. Both collections have many brilliant highlights.

Painting With Oils – Why I Love Them

This article illustrates the author’s experience in painting with oils. It also has some tips on using oils and characteristics of oil paints.

Short Intro to Artist Takashi Murakami

Born in 1962 in Tokyo, Japan, Takashi Murakami grew up in a family where art played an important role. Murakami wanted to be an artist. He was particularly interested in Japanese animation and comics, and wanted to improve his drawing skills by studying at the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music.

Learning How To Paint – Acrylic Painting Techniques and Materials

Everybody knows what painting is, which is the practice of applying paint to a medium. However, there are different painting techniques that one has to master doing on different materials in order to become proficient as a painter. It is important to realize that it is one thing to play around with paints and another to become a real artist.

Artificial Intelligence to Create Abstract Art – Absolutely!

Have you ever looked at abstract art, and shaken your head, and said to yourself “I could do better than that,” well, maybe it’s because you really could? Indeed that has come to my mind on numerous occasions, and it turns out that third-graders are actually quite good at abstract art, and some of them are as good, or nearly as good as some of the top professional artists that win accolades the world over. Yes, it’s true that art is subjective, but; is abstract art really subjective?

Colour – Using the Wheel

The painting shows a sunny day in the countryside where two women and their children wander through an open field. A summery sky filled with fluffy white clouds is bordered by a row of dark trees that almost hide a distant farmhouse. The grassy field, scattered with wild poppies, fills the entire foreground. What do we see in terms of colour scheme in this painting?

MF Hussain – The Great Maestro

Maqbool Fida Hussain popularly known as MF Hussain, world’s renowned artist, India’s Picasso finally passed away two weeks ago in exile at the age of 95. Through his talent, art, creativity he took our country all over the world. He got recognition, admiration, love, support all over the world. Ironically, he was not able to achieve all that from the place he was born. It is rather a highly shameful act on our part that we didn’t allow him to live his last few years in his motherland i. e. India. He was a man who cherished the good life and used to paint with never ending zeal.

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