How To ACTUALLY! Become A Better Artist

Art Classes – How to Select the Best Art School for Your Child

Despite many art schools existing, only a select few will cater to your childs unique artistic abilities. Find out which qualities to look for when choosing an art school for your child.

Painting a Red and Green Apple Still Life in Oil Paint, Wet in Wet Demonstration

In terms of colour and values, painting red and green apples is good preparation for portraiture. The red-green transitions on an apple somewhat mimic the local colouring shifts found on the nose, ears and cheeks of a human face and the difficulties presented by this can be overcome through the practice of painting a red-green apple or pear, a model that doesn’t move and that you can eat for lunch.

What Is a Lithograph, How Valuable Is It As Artwork and Is It Considered Fine Art?

A lithograph is a complicated method used to create fine art prints. There are various factors which may make the finished product valuable or just an ordinary inexpensive print. Is that lithograph you want to buy really fine art? Read on to help you decide whether it’s worth the price tag.

Benefits of Canvas Printing

Canvas printing has plenty of advantages. First, it is cheaper, abundant and helps preserve pleasant memories. Famous works of arts can be reproduced through canvas printing and its the best alternative over expensive art pieces.

Photo on Canvas Buying Tips

Now that many people are taking interest with canvas printing, the number of companies providing the printing services are increasing. To find the right canvas prints, take into consideration some important tips in buying photos on canvas.

Rising Love for Abstract Art

As any other newlywed couple who would be eager to start a new journey of life; we were looking for our home which would be away from this fast paced world. Inspired and completely in love with art, we decided to bring life to those dull walls by beautifying them with some amazing paintings and art pieces.

Impact of Digital Imaging Technologies in Contemporary Art Painting

Technology has certainly changed the way art is perceived and created. It has been an inspiration in itself and has also been the hallmark behind the birth of some artists.

Painting Is Easy – Everyone Knows How It Should Look – Until They Try Doing It

Few will ever try painting a horse or a sunset. Yet they’ll know your painting is ‘wrong.’ How can you get the knowledge needed when…

What Is Good Art and Can Seeing It Help You Paint Original, New Art?

Like everyone else, as you begin your life as an artist, you ‘don’t know much about Art but you know what you like.’ Sure, the old sayings get that way because they hold a truth…

Canvas Wall Art Decor Tips – 5 Creative Ways to Use Canvas Art Painting

Canvas art painting has the power to beautify your house in a frightfully exciting way. Art and creativity go hand in hand. As a person who has a fetish for art, one can always take the liberty of coming up with his/her own ideas about using the painting.

Belgian Linen: The Differences And Uses

Belgian linen comes in various kinds of textures and fabric finishes. These can be used in several different ways and for distinct purposes.

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