How to Paint Eyes – Using Shadows and Light to Bring Your Painting to Life

As you learn portrait painting techniques and how to paint eyes you should know that you will encounter shadows and light in all portrait paintings. Getting the correct shadow areas and light or highlighted areas will bring your portraits to life.

Learn How To Paint Eyes That Bring Your Portraits To Life

How many times have to tried to paint eyes, only to become frustrated and discouraged. There are many painting techniques and tricks that artists use to paint eyes and bring their portraits to life.

A Guide To Qi Bai Shi And His Paintings

Qi Bai Shi is a painter who only learnt the art in his early 60’s, regardless of his age he mastered the techniques quickly. This article discusses the artist and his paintings.

How To Paint Eyes That Will Bring Your Portraits To Life

Learning how to paint eyes can be frustrating if you have not learned a few basic portrait painting techniques. Colors of the iris and shadowing are important aspects of correctly mimicking the human eye.

Botticelli: From a Goldsmith Apprentice Into a Great Painter

Alessandro Filipepi, a great Renaissance painter, is most commonly referred to as Sandro Botticelli. Youngest amongst five, he was born in March 1, 1445 in Florence, Italy. When he was fourteen, he is a goldsmith’s apprentice.

Impressionism – Painting in the Style of Claude Monet

Have you seen an Impressionist style of painting? If you do, then probably you noticed that it is characterized mainly by concentration on the general impression produced by a scene or object and also the use of unmixed primary colors and small strokes to replicate actual reflected light. Impressionism is a movement that began in France in the mid 1800s which was founded by Claude Monet. The term Impressionism was derived from one of Monet’s paintings, the “Impression, Sunrise,” which was used by some critics during that time to ridicule the whole movement.

Learn Different Techniques of Oil Painting

The techniques of oil painting are vast and varied. Oil painting is an extremely versatile medium with which you can experiment many ways of applying paint on canvas or any other surface.

Acrylic Paints: 4 Reasons to Make the Switch From Oils

If you paint in oils, there are several reasons to consider making a switch to acrylic paints. Switching to acrylics may even make you a better artist.

Paint Brush Parts and Techniques

When it comes to this issue the key part of the artist brush is the head. No other part of the brush has much to do with painting techniques in general. Some artists use the handle of a brush to paint a canvas but this is not very common.

Brushes for Different Aspects of a Painting

If you are a beginner artist then you might be asking yourself “Which brush is the best choice for the different aspects of a painting?” Learning how to distinguish paint brush types is an important part of being a good painter.

Morris Graves, Northwest Mystic Painter

Despite a prodigious creative output spanning six decades and being universally celebrated as one of the most important American painters of 20th century modern art, Morris Graves, who died in 2001, not only remains an enigma but is relatively unknown, especially to younger generations. In part, this is attributable to the fact that Graves himself retreated from the public stage; he eschewed fame. He believed that his artistic contribution had significance only as part of a larger vessel of creative visionary expression.

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