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Consider An Art Career

Do you want to be an artist? Do you want fame and fortune? Do you want to consider an art career? The first question to ask is… Are you committed to art? One cannot be an artist if something else is competing for your attention.

Peter Max – An Artist With Great Versatility

The diversity among Peter Max’s art has made him one of the most famous and celebrity modern artists. Max’s highly varied artistic history includes a number of different subject material, mediums, and historical contexts.

How to Construct Fantastic Kids Greeting Cards With Painted Ceramics

The decoration of ceramic items can transform everyday greeting cards and other objects into special gifts. Experiment with a variety of techniques, materials and colours to devise your own individual touch. This article will look at a few of the ways in which you can get started in painting ceramics.

The Secret Of Mona Lisa’s Smile Revealed

How the portrait of “Mona Lisa” was created and what is a secret of her ambiguous smile. How long did it take to finish.

The Art Of Buying Artwork From Local Galleries

If you are looking to buy wonderful art pieces, the place to go would be the art galleries. You are most likely to stumble upon many original works. These art fairs or exhibitions will also be providing you access to various artists.

How to Use Soft Pastels

Using soft pastels to create your art is simpler than you think. Pastels are easy to carry with you and you don’t need many tools to use this medium (we’ll talk about them in a bit). No water is required, nor do you need brushes or palettes.

Should You Learn To Draw Before Learning To Paint?

Whatever you think about learning to paint as an artist there is one thing you cannot forget – The need to be able to draw. You can have fun learning to paint watercolors by allowing water to naturally assist in color movement and color mixing but somewhere, sooner or later, you will want to take control…

Reflections of an Artists Soul

As you begin sharing your gifts with the world, you contribute towards the magic of life. You become an inspiration, a beacon of light It begins as a ripple with a single stroke of a brush or pen. Who knows where it will lead you or the lives you may effect in some positive and meaningful way. You are a conduit for universal love and energy. Within you is the poet, the artist, the musician, the writer, the creator of dreams.

Top Tips for Graffiti Spray Painting

Spray Paint Graffiti is really a beautiful art form however it often gets used for criminal damage. There are numerous spray paint artists these days that purely focus on legal work and it is seriously stunning. Over the past ten years spray paint graffiti and street art have grown increasingly well-liked in England. What makes it such a popular art form is the majority of pieces are large and often consume the entire side of a building utilizing daring colours, together with artistic typefaces and that is considered to be the characteristic of graffiti.

Large Art for Large Walls

Are you faced with large, blank vaulted walls in your home, office, or vacation property, wondering how you can possibly decorate it? Don’t stress it. There are wonderful solutions that can be personal, interesting, and even inexpensive… that can become the crowning jewel for any great room.

Making Artists’ Paints in the Days Before Ready-Mixed Paint in Tubes

Imagine yourself into the skin of the teenage Leonardo. It is 1468 and you’re sixteen years old. You’re sweating away in the studio of your Master, Andrea del Verrocchio. The famous painter is a friend of your father and has accepted you as a pupil. Under way on the easel, a picture of Jesus being baptised has your fingers itching to lay colours on the canvas. You’re determined to prove yourself worthy but apprentices must learn many skills before the Master will let them loose on a painting. One of the hardest, yet most important of these jobs is…

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