How to Draw a Face from any Angle | Part 1 – Front & Side View

Name Plate With M-Seal

Have you ever wondered what all you can make using M-Seal? Yes, you can make endless things. All you need to have is the idea. Here is just one of those few things.

God in the Window Glass: An Artist’s Journey

Some artists wait for inspiration. Some simply jump in, start creating, and see what happens. This is a story of one who jumped and in jumping, found his greatest delight: The direction he’d been hoping for. Don’t wait. Jump, read, and be inspired.

Leroy Neiman – Life of An Artist

Leroy Neiman is one of the most famous American artists of all time. He is considered the first sports artists in the world. His subject matter choices including capturing iconic sporting events and famous individuals along with his unique vibrantly colorful and semi-abstracted style have come to define his career.

Find Your Artist Niche Market

You are truly blessed if you can cater to a niche market. These markets are filled with highly focused buyers who are interested specifically in the type of art that fulfills their needs.

Art Appreciation: Key Components of Sculptures and Paintings

In this period of science and technology, the proverb ‘man does not live by bread alone’; makes a substantial amount of sense in spite of its scriptural undertone. Man’s materialism and pointless preoccupations have caused sociologists to feel lugubrious because of this condition. A lot of people are most often worried only about their body, disregarding the spirit and, in the process, constraining human growth.

Chinese Art and the Artist General Horse

Although my recall of it is very clear, many years later all my inquiries to the various and respective media have come up empty. There seems to be no record of it ever happening; it is as if General Horse had been only a ghost. But, I definitely remember watching the hour-long episode, part of a public television arts series. It was about a eighty-something old man, alone in a tiny San Francisco Chinatown apartment. He had been a cavalry general in Chiang-Kai-shek’s Nationalist Army and, after their final defeat in 1949, he had retreated with the others, first to Taiwan. And then he possibly moved to Northern California? A very common story for an army man, were it not for his horses.

How to Price Your Art

Determining what the right price for your artwork is can be very confusing. These suggestions may help to unravel the mystery.

How to Create A Promotional Toolkit for Artists!

Your first interaction with a potential customer is often with a business card. A business card is a communication tool and should be a part of your toolkit.

Make Your Art More Memorable

Need to create memorable art? While this article will not improve your skills as an artist, it may give you something to think about as you choose your next theme. Wouldn’t it be nice to have that “WOW” effect from potential buyers of your art?

Equestrian Artists: George Stubbs – A Short Biography

Do you love to draw horses or look at horse paintings? Find out more about the most famous equestrian artist in history, George Stubbs, who was the first painter to depict horses with realistic precision in the eighteenth century.

Driving With Your Artistic License

Creating art is a journey and traveling it can be a very rewarding. Using your Artistic License will put you in touch with a wonderful variety of techniques so take the time to make the most of the experience.

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