How to Draw a Happy Facial Expression

Fantasy Artwork – A Thought Coming Alive to Haunt

Ever get an image in your mind that haunts you? How about an image that you can’t quite shake? This is where the majority of fantasy artwork is ‘born’. Fantasy Pictures are normally created around feelings of wonder and magic, although some can be fairly scary. The premise behind fantasy artwork is that the artist has an image in their mind which they want to come alive, so that it can haunt over people as well.

Five Simple Tips to Paint Better With Oil Paints

Oil paints when used for painting on canvas or any other surfaces have a glossy and shiny finish; and as we all love the durability and strength of oils, we also know how oil paints are difficult to handle and especially while using in painting. Artists, when using this medium, sometimes find it difficult to handle the medium and resort to quick drying acrylics or water colors. In this article I would like to share five simple tips to paint better with oil paints.

Are The Robots Sketching and Soon Painting The Human Artist Out of Business?

Several months ago, I was talking to a very nice painter and artist from South Africa. She was born in London, and picked out a nice place with a scenic view to do her artistry. You see, I had written an article predicting that very soon artificially intelligent robotic painters, artists, and sculptors would soon be impeding upon human artists, and perhaps even producing higher quality work – art which would be preferred by human enthusiasts over the work done by human painters. She told me I was nuts.

Is a Silk Screen Kit Your Silk Screen Solution?

When looking to get a good solution for making your custom silk prints, then a silk screen kit could be a great option for you. But before we head over into why the silk screen kit could be a great option, let’s first go over what this process is.

How Does Your Vision Affect Your Painting And Drawing?

Having recently been shocked to find my eyesight compromised by a sporting injury it has highlighted more than one issue artists have to contend with. Each and every person is unique and this should mean that every piece of art produced should show their distinct individuality. What do you see? How does it influence your art?

Getting Your Pet A Dog Portrait

Among all the animals in the animal kingdom, dogs are considered to be the most loving and closest to human. This is perhaps because they do not hold any grudges especially if they get scolded by their caretakers. No matter how you treat a dog badly, it will still love you as if nothing happened.

Are Great Painting Artists Born or Are They Made?

Okay so, perhaps like you, I’ve read about creative geniuses and creativity. There’s a big difference between IQ and creativity, although it is possible to have high scores in both. It appears that our very best painters in human history have scored high in both categories, which brings me to another question; do you believe that great artists and painters are made, or are they just born that way? Indeed, maybe we should talk about this for a moment.

Have Rangoli Pattern – Innovate Your Own Design

The tradition of putting rangoli just outside the main doorstep is an age old one in India and several other Southeast Asian countries such as Malaysia and Indonesia among others. Different kinds of patterns and pictures are created in this form of art and every pattern looks beautiful because of its uniqueness.

Unique Rangoli Art – Unleash Your Creative Talent

Rangoli is an age old art and very intrinsically woven into Indian way of life. However, like everything else in the world, rangoli has also evolved over ages. These days, people are getting creative and making unique rangoli art which is at once captivating and very beautiful. Different themes and use of a wide range of materials make these designs unique.

Kolam Designs – Interesting and Creative Traditional Welcoming Art

Kolam is the form of rangoli laid in Tamil Nadu. Dots and lines are used to create various designs. The shapes might either be well defined such as a flower and birds or consist of geometrical shapes such as circles and polygons. In some kinds of designs, a single line is twirled round dots to create a very appealing and complex design.

Rangoli Designs – What Is Their Significance?

Rangoli designs hold a lot of significance in many aspects – religious, physical, mythological and spiritual. In order to understand the significance of these beautiful designs, it is important to look at the designs from more than one perspective. Read on below for some “behind the scenes” information about rangoli.

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