How to Draw a Nose – EASY

Fluidism Art – From Traditional To Transcendental Action Painting

The word, “fluidism”, can be used to label a distinctive category of fine art painting where both the substrate and the subject are the same. “Substrate” means the actual material from which a painting is constructed (i.e., the paint).

The Increasing Popularity of Modern Ketubah

A document called a Ketubah is a traditional and an integral part of the Jewish wedding ceremony. This modern ketubah has also become an increasingly popular custom for non-traditional weddings as well. A Ketubah is a Jewish marriage contract that will be written by the couple, approved by their rabbi and signed in front of 2 witnesses. This Ketubah often created with original fine art next to the text will later be framed and be displayed in the home of the married couple.

JMW Turner’s The Fighting Temeraire Painting

Fighting Temeraire is one of the most impressive pieces of British art in history and was produced by Romanticist JMW Turner. It remains his best known work of all which an impressive title considering the impact of this innovative painter over the direction of European art in the 19th century.

Photos to Paintings

Visual history was only recorded mainly by painting before the photograph back in the early 1800’s like canvas paintings, frescoes, wall paintings – bas-relief or sculptures for example, but then the first photograph changed everything as far as the way history could be conveyed to future generations. Just like the last supper:ย Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinciย (April 15, 1452 – May 2, 1519) caught a monumental time in history so now can a photograph and even better, that photo can be turned into a beautiful portrait.

Vanity and Arts

You know when someone is happy within, she is blooming. Whatever that really means we can just tell that there is a glow in her skin, there is a positive change in her aura, or simply put she is beautiful when compared before.

Pet Portrait Pointers – Learn The Subtle Tricks Of Oil Painting

I have learned, when doing my pet portraits, that oil paintings have a luster and glow that cannot be matched by other works of art. Place an oil painting next to, for instance, a painting done with something like acrylics, and this will become plain to see. Here are some things you should remember when using oil in paintings.

Jack Shadbolt: Vancouver, War, and Scavenger Dogs

When months ago I visited the Shadbolt Art Centre for the first time- an Art facility nestled in the scenic Deer Lake Park in Burnaby – I had no idea that the centre was named after two very influential Burnaby artists and art lovers: Jack Shadbolt and his wife, Doris Shadbolt. So, when on a recent trip to the library I saw a book on Jack Shadbolt by Scott Watson, I didn’t think twice before picking it up.

The Gallery Contract – What’s in It for the Artist?

Some galleries insist upon your signing an exclusive contract with them. I suggest you, in turn, politely insist on taking a copy of the document home to mull over. Any legitimate gallery will not refuse this. You must be sure of the terms you’d be accepting.

Not All In The Mind

Could it be that we create our own world through our perceptions and our responses to our surroundings? It has been said that one has complete control over the world and one’s own life when one completely accepts what is going on without fighting it or judging or feeling that it should be different in some way. In this sense whatever we see or whatever takes place is not happening in conflict with a mind that is fluid and simply observing. Easier said than done in a busy, modern world? However, a meditative approach to everyday life is definitely possible.

Drawing and Painting Using the ‘Picture Plane’ To See Perspective and Foreshortening

The ‘Picture Plane’ explained. This is a very simple concept but makes drawing or painting anything in perspective much easier. Plus three great exercises to practice.

Witches of the Wild Wild West Art: A Hey-How for Halloween!

Samhain (Pronounced Sa-wen- Gaelic rocks!) is one of four medieval Gaelic festivals. It marks the end of the harvest and is still celebrated today by Pagans and Wiccans as one of the four big Gaelic Sabbaths. It’s also still considered in Celtic cultures as the Celtic New Year.

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