How to Draw a Nose From The Side

Order Low Cost Art Supplies Online

An artist, irrespective of the level of his professionalism, needs to get regular supplies at a low cost. Purchasing paints, brushes, canvas, easels, clay, studio equipment or anything else from desired brands can be difficult to procure when required.

Art Is A Truly Valuable Investment Proposition

This article emphasizes upon the fact that art makes a truly valuable investment proposition. Accordingly, if you as an individual – or even as a company, are looking for a suitable avenue to invest your surplus money, this article advises you to consider art for it… you will certainly cherish this choice, in the future!

A Discussion On The Guernica Painting

Probably Picasso’s most famous work, Guernica is certainly the his most powerful political statement, painted as an immediate reaction to the Nazi’s devastating casual bombing practice on the Basque town of Guernica during Spanish Civil War. This article is some discussion about this famous painting.

Jackson Pollock: The Man Who Dared To Go Abstract

Jackson Pollock’s contribution is still honored by many artists even if he lived and died in a tragic way. His modern approach is still considered to be the highlight of his career and that’s what makes him an influential artist most avant-garde artist should follow.

The Strong Impressionist In Paul Gauguin

Paul Gauguin is an example of an artist who wanted to be known for his unique style. He never gave in to the conventionalities and remained true to his ways. And though his works was eventually recognized after his death, he will forever be remembered for his revolutionary means that brought about the establishment of modern art.

Contemporary Art – Investment in Paintings

Contemporary art is often stated as the term that replaced modern art. It is regularly defined with the word ‘Now’ which means current and in fashion. Contemporary art is work that is based on the 1970 era up and till today. Although some people describe it as any work that is produced since World War II.

Francisco Goya And His Uprising Through His Paintings

Francisco Goya will always be remembered as a brilliant painter who revolted against repression through his paintings. He risked his personal life for the sake of revealing the suffering of his country. He was very efficient in using paintings to deliver an impactful message to the government and to his people. And because of this, he paved the way for modern artist to do the same as he did and somehow change the world for the better.

El Greco: The Cretian Artist

El Greco was a Greek painter who was able to establish his name particularly, in the Spanish art circle. His unusual ways of creating artworks often created clashes with other great minds, but even so the reputation he worked so hard to build will forever be etched and will always be considered to some artist of our generations.

Sir Peter Paul Rubens: The Baroque Specialist

This article is about Peter Paul Rubens, the Baroque artist. A Baroque painting can be described as an artwork featuring intense emotions, exaggerated lighting, and displaying a kind of artistic sensationalism.

The Surreal Experiment Of Man Ray

This article is about the Surreal experiment by American Artist Man Ray. The art of surrealism can be vividly defined as eccentric, unusual, and out of the ordinary. It is the depiction of ordinary things and turning them into artistic images that can only be described to be imaginary.

Painting Seascapes Plein Air – The Ultimate Challenge for Any Artist

It was only yesterday I was at this beautiful beach admiring the view. There was no swell or wind. The sky was partly overcast and displayed hints of blue and yellow. The ocean was still and reflected the sky with great clarity. Today, however, conditions were very different as the sea was rough. Big waves were crashing onto rocks and huge amounts of water vapor were rising against the backdrop of dark cliffs.

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