How to Draw a Sad Expression/Face

Rooted – Artists in the Haliburton Highlands

A brief interview with Chuck O’Neil, sculptor, and Sue MacDonald, a stylish fibre artist. Both artists are from the Haliburton Highlands, a vibrant community of artistic excellence in Ontario, Canada.

Who Is Behind Your Abstract Art Paintings?

It’s nice to look into some artists backgrounds to really understand where their inspirations come from. So, when you are looking at abstract pieces, you may be curious to know where that particular piece came from, and who the creative abstract artist behind it is.

Pablo Picasso and His Paintings

This article is about Pablo Picasso and his paintings. Apart from being one of the most influential painters of his time, Picasso was also into sculpture, printmaking, ceramics and stage designing. He made France his home for the major part of his adult life and wrote history through his creativity, imagination and charisma.

The Artwork Of Joan Miro

This article is about the artwork of Joan Miro. Joan Miro’s artistic style simply shows his artistic versatility in doing his works. He’s truly one of the great men of art and his works are indeed priceless.

Madhubani Local Art Is a Global Draw

Madhubani or Mithila paintings of Bihar (India) like Punjab’s phulkari are essentially folk paintings done by the rural women of Madhubani district. Located on the foothills of the Himalaya in the North, the Ganga in the South and surrounded by the Mahananda in the East and the Gandak in the West, Mithila is spread over 64,750 square kilometers of the Indo-Gangetic alluvial belt. It is one of the most fertile lands and thus came to be known as Madhubani, the forest of honey.

Is a Silk Screen Kit the Right Solution?

If you want to get some custom t-shirts done, the best option available for is to get a silk screen kit. One of these kits will comprise the pressing machine that will get the actual printing done, the paints you’ll need for the silk screening process and in some of the packs a complete set of DVD training materials that will guide you though the whole process. These DVD sets are of extreme importance when preparing for your projects as the different machines, although function in a similar way, have their own set of little…

Adding Wall Art To Your Room Decor Using Traceable Wall Murals

Read how you can liven up a boring wall and add a wall mural to a boring room, or turn your kids room into a place where they can’t wait to get to! This is the place for you, let me show you the new way how it can be done easily.

How to Make Mood With Colour

Colour is one of the strongest elements in home decorating. For most of us planning colour schemes for the different rooms can be a rewarding exercise. Certain colours make you moody, some soothe the mind, and others make you work harder.

Surrealistic Serenity

It was Salvador Dali, who experimented with optical possibilities within his Surrealistic frames. That legacy became very popular towards the end of the first half of twentieth century as new groundbreaking findings in the field of psychology were giving strength to the individual and individuality contrary to the everlasting concept of universal reality and mass understanding. In the field of painting, ‘How to Paint’ was replacing ‘What to Paint’ and the humanistic factor that sprouted out in the Renaissance, got ripe in the 18th century, and it forced the 20th-century art to be more individual, more personal and…

A Painter Whose Palette Never Dried Up

Fine Arts Department, which is now the College of Art and Design, has a significant value in the evolution of Pakistani art. When we talk about academic art, this institution is found serving the first ever generation of painters in Pakistan.

How Can Reading Novels Influence Your Art?

Which novel or book inspires you to paint? Although the art mediums are very different they do have a common factor. Even as a beginner you have and need to use your imagination…

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