How to Draw a Smile with Teeth

An Analysis of the Creation and Marketing of Art Prints

The intrinsic value of limited edition art prints has been a heated topic since their emergence on the art market just over one hundred years ago. It is imperative for every painter to fully understand the evolution of the art print and how their production, marketing and successful distribution can greatly enhance an artist’s prestige and open up new avenues for future sales.

Fine Art – The Deep Meaning of Painting

Fine art is often misunderstood by the general public. Unless one has a serious interest in paintings, fine art is often imagined as different colors thrown together. So how does one learn to appreciate fine art?

A Brief Introduction to Oil Painting – The Last Supper

The Last Supper is one of Leonardo da Vinci’s most widely-known representative works. It’s a late 15th century mural painting with the theme from the Bible Story. The evening before Jesus Christ was betrayed by Judas, he gathered all the twelve disciples together to have a meal and gave them explicit instructions on that ritual.

For An Artist Imagination Is Everything

Whether you are a full-time professional artist or a beginner you need imagination. It doesn’t matter whether you want to produce paintings that represent real life scenes of the world around you or invent objects that have never yet existed… “Your imagination is the key and you should be prepared to use it”

Plein Air Requires a Direct Approach As the Natural Light Is Ever Changing

Painting outdoors ”Plein Air” can be a little daunting at first but once a routine is established, I consider this method the best practice for both beginners and experienced painters. The artist must paint quickly, be spontaneous and decisive with his brushstrokes as the natural light is ever changing. This forced discipline is a great way to improve as an artist as quick decisions must be made and rendered accordingly.

Begin To Draw – 6 Basic Components And A Tool List

In this article I listed tips for beginners: 6 basic components to consider before drawing and a list of pencil drawing tools for the first drawing steps. There is a lot more to learn but these are the real basics.

Pen And Marker Drawings – 5 Basic Steps How To Draw With A Black Pen Or Marker

In this article I explain 5 basic steps how to draw with a black pen and marker. I also explain different techniques to use with this media to make your drawings professional.

Laura Knight – Her Early Life, and the Painting of ‘Self and Nude’

Laura Knight enjoyed a long life and an international artistic reputation. This article focuses on an image which highlights a short but significant period of her career – the painting of ‘Self and Nude’, which remains controversial a century later.

Drawing and Painting In Italy

As an American born artist, I find creating and teaching art in Italy to be an immensely rewarding and incredibly exciting experience. I am very happy to share my personal perspective on this subject.

Important Tips for Impressive Oil Painting

In this article we will have come to know about how can we make our oil paintings attractive and clean? You will get some important tips of using the oil paints and to get the artwork completely dry in order to provide a smooth look to the painting.

Three Ways in Which Ordinary Painters Typically Evolve Into Pop Art Practitioners

The evolution of conventional art practitioners into pop art practitioners is usually an interesting phenomenon to watch. This article looks at some ways in which such artistic evolution normally takes place.

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