How to Draw a Surprised/Excited Expression

Drawing Beautiful Animals

Drawing animals is an art that can be easily and quickly learnt by anyone. For children especially, drawing is an activity that is really involving and a great way of boosting the little ones self esteem. As a parent, there is a lot that you can do so as to encourage your kids to learn how to draw.

Learning How to Draw Animals

Drawing animals is one of the most exciting things that your children can learn. As they draw, they are able to learn a lot. The early stages of drawing will also let you know and spot any talents that your little one may have in the drawing area.

The Vibrant Life of Cuban Art

Cuban art is a diverse blend of European, North American, African and Spanish influences. Because of influences from around the world, the artists of Cuba, both past and present, show a unique perspective in form, color and subject matter to describe their island and different aspects of daily life.

An Interview With Montreal Artist Robert Kramberger

Robert Kramberger is a man comfortable in both the corporate and artistic worlds. Born and raised in Montreal, Robert has had a passion for making art – and writing – from a very early age. In addition to his artistic works, primarily with oils, pastels and water colors, Robert has over 22 years of experience as a Marketing, Public Relations Consultant, Art Director and Copywriter.

Rachel Whitread: Exposing the Interior

Rachel Whitread is usually classed with the group known as the Young British Artists (YBA), although they are all now well into middle age. She does have much in common with other artists of that group, but also interesting differences.

Stanley Spencer: Seeing the Spiritual in Everyday Life

Stanley Spencer was unique. His paintings mostly made between the 1920’s and his death in 1959, can be placed in the slot of early modernist style, but they are less the product of a school than of an intensely individual imagination. They cannot be mistaken for anybody else’s.

Lucian Freud: The Merciless Realist

Freud was born in Germany in 1922, the grandson of the psychiatrist, Sigmund Freud, and came to England with his family as a young boy, to escape Nazi persecution. His teenage years saw him expelled from school for disruptive behavior, and from those early days onward, he followed in his personal life the path of the eccentric artist who refuses to be bound by conventional norms of behavior.

Erte Art – The Eternal Magic to Preserve

The recent surge of original artwork for sale has created a major boost for famous Erte painting and sculptures. Erte’s work has always been highly collectible among art connoisseurs.

Let Autumn Colors Inspire Your Art

If you have had the opportunity to get outside to see colors that seem to make the sun shine even though the clouds are dark and heavy, “You have seen one of the wonders of nature”. And, if this isn’t inspiration enough to produce paintings of country lanes canopied by the reds and golds of autumn, you shouldn’t ignore the free lesson in color mixing you are being given…

Painting From Photo, Pictures Are the Best Gift for Your Loved Ones

Gifting definitely is an indivisible part of any festivity or occasion. No matter whether it’s any one’s birthday or wedding or anniversary, presents are important to be given.

Choosing Where You Exhibit Your Art Is Important

I recently had the privilege of seeing an impressive art exhibition and apart from the art itself it highlighted the importance of choosing the right place to exhibit. Deciding where you are going to show your art is as important as the artwork itself. So how do you choose a successful art exhibition venue?

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