How to Draw Circles | 3 Ways

Mehndi Designs – Epitomizing the Beauty of Body Art

Mehndi is a very integral part of Indian culture. People of Bangladesh and Pakistan also apply mehndi on their hands and feet for special occasions. In weddings, it is a mandatory ritual for both Hindus and Muslims. Apart from its traditional forms, a lot of new styles have evolved in the recent times. These designs definitely add a dash of culture and ethnicity to traditional celebrations. Read on for more on different kinds of mehndi designs.

Rangoli in Different States of India – Exhibiting the Cultural Splendour of India

Rangoli, a traditional art work, is followed by Hindu households of different states f India since generations. In this art work various designs are drawn on the walls and floors with the help of natural dry colours. Rangoli is believed to be sacred and is normally done during auspicious occasions and festivals. Designs like Hindu deities, leaves, flowers, peacocks, lotuses are depicted through rangoli.

Rangoli Design – Indian Way of Depicting Spirituality and Well Being

Rangoli is an integral part of Indian culture. The tradition of laying these designs at the entrance of homes is age old. Apart from being visually attractive, these designs are a symbol of positive energies and harmony, packed with a lot of spiritual significance according to Indian culture.

An Appreciation of Surreal Artist Paul Klee

Paul Klee was a German and Swiss painter and musician who lived from 1879 to 1940. He took abstract art to a new level with his paintings that captured surreal imagination.

A Great Artist – Katsushika Hokusai

This article is about life and paintings of Katsushika Hokusai. His art developed in slow stages from duplicate to others to grow independence and the improvement of new ways.

Immortal Picasso Paintings

Our world is sometimes blessed by the legacy left behind by artists who weave magic with their talent. Picasso’s paintings are a reflection of the magic Pablo Picasso wove in his time.

Ways Gallery Artists Can Get More Eyeballs On Their Work, Using The Internet

Having an internet portfolio is an essential marketing tool for any gallery artist. Let me explain how you can benefit and create your own space for showcasing and selling your work.

Portrait Painting Techniques For Painting The Eye

All artists use some sort of portrait painting techniques when painting the eyes. One technique that I like to use is to first sketch the eye. It is important to accurately place all components of the eye so that the portrait looks identical or closely resembles the model. This technique should make portrait painting of the eye much easier.

Shading/Smudging – Don’t Be The Last To Rediscover It

As a teacher, I have watched children slavishly scrape off the ends of pencils, grate their pencils and rub them down with sandpaper to create powders. Thank goodness that era has ended and we have new products available to do the job.

Humans Have Been Painting For Over 30,000 Years That We Know About – Quite An Artistic Species

Is art and painting a genetic throw-back? Now as an artist you are probably be thinking right now that I should be shot for mentioning such blasphemy, but I’d like to explain to you why it just might be, and I hope now that I’ve shocked you a bit, that you might just hear me out.

Stumbling Upon Your Painting Series Success and Evolving From There

A couple of years ago I took a vacation and I ended up somehow Bisbee, Arizona. If you’ve never been there it is a cool little tourist town, it is a little funky, and very artsy. There is an old mining museum there, and the town has been around since the 1800s. It has quite a bit of history and it’s just a cool place to hang out with great restaurants and a real nice atmosphere. I spent quite a bit of time in the local coffee shop there during my visit and met numerous folks who were artists selling to all the tourists who came by.

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