How to Draw + Design Faces Using WACOM Intuos Pro Paper Tablet

Hello Human Artist, We No Longer Need You – Said the AI Software Program

It seems as if robotics are replacing human factory workers, farm laborers, and soon transportation, distribution, and military people too – but what if I told you that artists, writers, sculptures, and other creative geniuses’ jobs were also on the line. It’s true you see, so, I’d like to discuss this all with you if I might. There was an interesting albeit terrifying article for artists in the UK Mail recently titled; “The Monet machine?

Georgia O’Keefe

This article is about the life of Georgia O’Keefee. She was a prominent figure in the art community way before women could acquire art training in schools in America.

Cultivating Creativity – Part IX

This article continues the issue of anxiety blocking an artist’s work. I present a way of dealing with the block that sometimes stops all artistic progress.

Acclaimed American Artist, Winslow Homer

Winslow Homer was an American landscape painter and printmaker, best known for his marine subjects. He is considered one of the foremost painters in 19th century America and a preeminent figure in American art.

Franz Marc

Franz Marc was a German painter and printmaker, one of the key figures of the German Expressionist movement. He was a founding member of Der Blaue Reiter (The Blue Rider), a journal whose name later became synonymous with the circle of artists collaborating in it.

British Investment Paintings

Purchase what you love. Hang your favorite limited edition on the wall of your property for the pleasure and the passion of the work. But does this philosophy apply to investment art? We take a look at just a few pieces of advice that may make the decision easier.

DNA Canvas Printing – A New Form of Modern Abstract Art

With the current trend in DNA art printing, anyone can furnish his home with or give away gifts of unique abstract canvas art. DNA portraits refer to a digital image of your genetic code, enhanced and printed on museum-grade canvas for display.

Wassily Kandinsky and His Many Styles

Wassily Kandinsky is the artist responsible for painting the first strictly abstract works. Born in Moscow on December 16, 1866, Mr. Kandinsky grew up in Odessa before enrolling in the University of Moscow.

The Life and Works of Franz Marc

This article is about life and works of Franz Marc. He was one of the key figures of the German Expressionist movement.

The Life and Works of Edvard Munch

This article is about the life and works of Edward Much. Edward Much was regarded as the pioneer of the amazing Expressionist movement.

The Life of Georgia O’Keeffe

This article is about Georgia O’keeffe. She is one of the great American artists of the 20th-century.

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