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The Fragile Quest

It’s a beautiful autumn evening in North Carolina. I just had a great acrylic painting class with two women that had signed up for it two weeks ago and got into this dialogue with them.

Pablo Picasso: Revolutionary Painter

They spanked him. They blew air into his lungs and begged God for his life, but the baby neither moved, nor breathed. The midwife shook her head and the mother and father cried heartbroken tears. Then an uncle stepped forward to light a cigar and blow smoke into the baby’s nostrils. Pablo Picasso claimed his life with a bellow of protest, and Twentieth Century art would never to be the same.

Building Your Own Art Collection

An art collection may seem like something that should be the preserve of the rich. They are able to buy various works of art, without having to think too much about the costs that are involved. What are we to make of this situation?

Choosing The Oil Painting That Fits Your Home

If you are thinking about decorating your home, acquiring an oil painting is a great way of accomplishing this. It doesn’t matter what style your home is, be it modern, classical or Victorian there is an oil painting that will fit your style. With the explosion of galleries, online art websites and auction houses the chances of not finding the perfect piece of art for your home is nearly impossible today.

Art Deco: Applied – Architecture and Visual

Have you ever heard of “Art Deco?” This is a common word that individuals throughout the art world say. If you attend an art class, surely, you will hear someone say “art deco.” This is a form or genre that originated in Paris, France during World War II.

Why Small Oil Paintings Can Be a Big Deal

Size is not the only determining factor in whether you should like an oil painting or not. Both large and small paintings can be beautiful and have their place. Small oil paintings can have many advantages over larger works. In this article several reasons are presented for painters to consider when choosing the size of their next masterpiece.

Your Photos on Canvas – Merger of Beautiful Artwork With Priceless Memories

Turning your photographs to pieces of artwork is the newest trend when it comes to modern art. You will be able to turn that beautiful piece of scenery or a special moment into a piece of artwork that you will forever remember.

Most Famous French Artists

Artists from France were some of the most influential in the world. This summary of famous French artists is a good introduction to these well-known painters.

Canvas Prints Bring Out Your Creativity

Canvas printers are professionals that work their best to deliver you the quality products that you are looking for. By using their skills not only will you get the look of the photograph you will also find that the canvas that they created is flawless in many ways.

Canvas Printing Brings Memories to Life

This article is a great source for all the information, resources, and services that you could need. It will help you when you will be looking to turn your own photographs into art.

Man Ray: A Hint of Biographical Facts on the Legendary Icon

Man Ray has long been considered one of the most versatile and innovative artists of the twentieth century. As a painter, writer, sculptor, photographer, and filmmaker, he is best known for his intimate association with the French Surrealist group in Paris during the 1920s and 30s, particularly for his highly inventive and unconventional photographic images.

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