How to Draw Hair: Male & Female – Ultimate Tutorial

The One Essential Key to Drawing Portraits

When I set out to learn how to draw portraits I took a very unusual approach. Instead of buying myself a sketchbook and a few pencils I bought and read, one-by-one, every good book I could find about how to draw portraits and I made endless notes, illustrated with endless sketches. I love being an artist but I tend to approach things from a scientific perspective.

The Pastel Painting Process

Pastels are one of the purest and richest forms of art mediums. They have more pigment and less binder than any other medium. As any pastelist will tell you, it is almost like painting with pure, unadulterated color.

How to Thoroughly Clean Your Paint Brushes

Paint brushes are designed to be used more than once and the good ones can last years if properly taken care of. Even the cheapest of brushes can be used for several sessions of painting if your brush is cleaned well after each use. Here’s how to do it right.

Suggestions For Painting Sunlight And Atmosphere Into Your Landscape

Painting realistic landscapes have always been a problem for artists that do not understand the effect sunlight and atmosphere have on the colors of nature. A landscape artist needs to know what colors to mix to create the hues, temperature, values, and chroma to portray nature accurately.

Top Tips for Selling Art Online

In case you inquire further, lots of painters can tell you that one of the most important issues they struggle with is learning to promote themselves and reaching new markets. The traditional gallery option is certainly not an easy one – an artist has to establish and retain connections with gallery managers who can exert a lot of influence. Nonetheless, quite a few galleries are confirming a decline in sales owing to the competition from web sales, and this is not a development which is very likely to disappear anytime soon. The art buying public is increasingly ‘time-poor’, and so online sales are a natural progression. As a necessary evil, traditional brick and mortar galleries have a limited amount of space on their walls for displaying works of art. In contrast even the smallest and simplest website can easily host thousands of images and pieces of art, making it easier than ever for potential buyers to browse to their heart’s content. This also means that buyers no longer need to deal with persistent gallery owners and sales people out to make a commission off of every sale.

5 Tips On Getting Inspired For Your Next Art Project

Keep an eye out for treasures everywhere you go. Look with an artist’s eye and see things that no one else can see. For instance, while walking around you may notice something beautiful catch your eye while shopping, running errands, hiking, or traveling.

Carl Larsson, The Swedish Painter – His Early Years

Carl Larsson is known the world over for his beautiful paintings, showing his loving family, living an idyllic and harmonic Swedish country life. When looking at the light and the joyful colors Carl Larsson used in his works, it is quite remarkable to find out he had such a dark and unhappy childhood.

Why Do We Buy Art?

It is commonplace to hear people talking about buying art as a financial commitment, but should this be the true reason we buy art? Big auction houses and bigger galleries encourage…

Canvas Art

A piece of ‘modern’ canvas art is a painting that pertains to a certain category that generally uses structured lines, geometric designs and color variations on canvas to create art. Typically, there are no standard colors or a standard color palate that is used in modern canvas art, which is actually one of the defining characteristic of the genre.

Adding Dimension to Your Artwork Through Life Experiences

A good piece of artwork captures the essence of the subject matter as seen through the eye of the artist. A great piece of artwork exposes the inner-workings of the artist and connects to the viewer on a human level.

Carl Larsson The Swedish Painter – From Unhappy Childhood to Sheer Bliss

Carl Larsson is very much one of the most loved artists in Sweden. He represents a nostalgic era of simplicity that is sadly forgotten in today’s harried pace of modern world. Through his paintings, we are able to follow the life of Carl Larsson, as an artist, husband and father, and take part of a family that amplified a feeling of joy, happiness, love and treasured moments.

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