How to Make Natural Pigments

Knowing how to make your own pigments is a great thing for painting and dying things. Here’s a quick guide on what does what.

4 Tips to Attract People to Your Paintings

Why do some paintings attract people to them, while others keep the viewers walking past them? In many cases it is the lack of interest created by the artist’s failing to understand how to make the focal point engaging enough. There are four things on which every artist needs to concentrate to make their painting more compelling.

Drawing From Photos Without Using a Grid (or Any Other Visual Aide)

The ultimate ambition of any portrait artist should be to draw portraits by eye, without using any visual aides or shortcuts. There are a huge number of books on the subject and all of them suggest a slightly different approach. We all develop our own techniques but I set out some time ago to do an exhaustive study of all the various methods different artists use, to take the most practical advice from them all and to organize it into an orderly and structured system that one could use as a step-by-step formula for reliably capturing a person’s likeness.

How to Get an Amazing Portrait

Portrait is not just a picture hanging on your wall. A true portrait can capture your personality. Every family I know wants to get a family portrait at some point in their lives. And if you are one of those people what options do you have?

Don’t Read This Article Unless You Want to Know the Secrets of the Great Masters in Art

What are the secrets of the greatest artists of all time? The answer is originality and fame. Even those without an education in art history have heard of artists such as Rembrandt or Picasso.

Famous Artists Who Have Changed the World

Famous artists throughout history have contributed to the social and political landscape of different societies around the world. Some of these artists have made creations never before seen by man. Many have lead art movements that have shaped the world we live in. Here are four out of many who have changed the world through art.

Techniques for Getting Proportions Right and Checking the Accuracy of Your Drawing

Drawing portraits isn’t easy but with the right information and a few life-saver tricks up your sleeve you’ll make the fastest progress and know you’re doing everything right. These are the my nine best procedures for cleaning up all the little inaccuracies in a portrait that will rob it of it’s spirit.

3 Important Things to Know for Every Airbrush Beginner Before You Even Start

Are you planning to start airbrushing? There are certain rules to follow first, even before you start, in order to be successful artist or enjoy this kind of art, even if you are not satisfied with your results yet.

Successful Art Investments

When considering the possible investment of your savings into a work of art, it is prudent to consider several factors, prior to making a purchase. The most important seems to be the success of the artist, and how his work has increased in value over time. Another factor is not only the prominence of the artist’s work, but how it fits with the present day fashions.

Graffiti: The Evolution of Wall Art

Graffiti is evolved from a delinquent street activity to art. Although in many circles, this may still be debatable, in today’s popular culture graffiti is recognized as an art form. In addition to wall murals, graffiti covered furniture, pictures and wall murals are elements of urban home decor.

A Brief History of Pet Portraits and Pet Paintings

This is just a brief history of where our pet portraits first originated. I’ll go over a few historical events that changed the world of art forever.

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