How to Draw Lips for Beginners

Techniques on Painting and Painting Tips

The following techniques on painting should help you to create beautiful artwork. I suggest that you practice on something other than your final painting. A pad of canvas paper works great for practice space.

Acrylic Painting Techniques

Acrylic painting techniques are learned through trial and error and by following suggestions like these. Acrylic painting is a hobby enjoyed by many.

How to Paint Eyes – Easy Tips For Painting Realistic Eyes

Beginning portrait artists struggle with painting eyes because they often omit details. Here are some tips to get you started.

How to Market Your Art Effectively

For an artist today, the biggest aspiration is to maximize the traffic in order to view the work and generate sales, which is obviously not at all easy. So what are the means available that an artist should use to showcase completed work and get maximum visibility and exposure? Your pieces of art may be great, but what use would they be if no one gets to view them.

Online Art Galleries Vs Traditional Art Galleries

With changing times thanks to the IT revolution, now the world seems to be just a click away. Gone are the days when one had to travel long distances in order to admire a piece of artwork, or perhaps sometimes never getting to view it, just because you were unable to make the trip. Online art galleries have successfully ceased all such issues which came in the way off many art aficionados.

Selling Your Art Online – Can You Do It?

Many artists today dream of making a living wage from online sales. Like the young idealists of the ‘Arab Spring’ and ‘Occupy Wall Street,’ aspiring artists are fed-up with entrenched systems that seem to hold little hope for the untested newcomer. But if you try selling your artwork, the Web can trap you…

What Are The Advantages of Selling Art Online?

The online art market is growing considerably, and with online art sales on the rise, it is proving to be an increasingly fruitful avenue for artists, even compared to traditional methods for selling art as an artist. Previously established networks like those used by online art marketplaces and gallery settings have many things going for them that personal websites do not, namely the ability to draw on greater authority rankings that help them appear higher on search engine results.

How to Paint Shrubbery Using Acrylic Paints

I will share my experience of painting trees and shrubbery. Trees are underestimated in their beauty, and I will explain how to capture their strength and drama.

Professional Makeup At The World Bodypainting Festival

The World Bodypainting Festival (WBF) is the World’s largest body painting event and Championship including different professional makeup categories such as special effects makeup, sponge and brush and airbrush, UV effects and face painting. The 14th annual event was held at a new location in Portschach.

Art Shows – Will They Help or Hinder Your Art Career?

A prize won at such shows does confer on you an extra degree of confidence in the work you’re doing. It is definitely taken into account by staff at the public galleries. Does it count with staff at private galleries?

Rene Magritte: Raining Men and Apples

Everything is more memorable when it’s connected to a song or a piece of music. A distant dwindling emotion is instantly heightened, an old love we’d done our best to mentally burn to ashes and scatter into the abyss of oblivion is immediately resurrected, a place is recalled, an incident is brought forth or we ourselves are jolted back if any of those things were accompanied by music when we experienced them.

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