How to Draw Lips from the Side + Shading

The Oil Painting Father

The oil painting father produced by the painter Luo Zhongli exhibited in China Youth Exhibition held in Beijing in May 1980 caused a great stir. At the exhibition, some people even broke into tears when standing in front of this picture. People were very easily impressed by a touching story or a wonderful piece of music melody.

The Gift of Art – Passe or Perfection?

Can the gift of art be among the best or worst choices for the season? Here is a look at some serious potential on the “best” side – and why.

Mona Lisa’s Secret

Leonardo da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa” has created mystery and questioned the unknown from the day it was first seen, right up to the present day, which is exactly what art is supposed to do. This everlasting masterpiece is still breathtaking despite the ravages of time and subsequent dreadful retouching. I am not even going into the shooting, rock and other vandalistic attacks this art work has gone though. Its story, from commission, concept, travels, and thrills are worthy of a Hollywood film script. What a blockbuster of a film this artwork could make!

What Makes You So Creative – He Asked

The other day, I was talking to an individual about creative folks as writers, and all the personality types within that category and job set. I noted that many of the creative folks had challenges with depression and they had trouble writing on cue, as they had to be in the right mood to even start otherwise they often experienced writer’s block or couldn’t do their best work. As a writer, one who will never admit it, I do not have any of those problems or challenges, and again only some writers do, but none have to in my view.

Make Sure You Have Fun Learning To Paint And Draw

How is it when a child picks up a pencil, crayon or paintbrush unexpected things happen to the surface of whatever they decide to use as their canvas? Could it be that they have a secret that will help you reach your artistic goals?

Taking Pictures and Painting From Photographs Requires An Understanding of Composition

Painting from photographs and taking pictures requires an understanding of composition. Positioning the subject correctly in the camera’s view finder before taking the shot is essential. Personal touches in the form of artist licence should be included in a painting in order to add interest, differentiate it from the photographic reference and identify the artwork as your own.

Why Buy Art From Local Artists?

It’s Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Local Business Saturday this week. This time of the year is probably when one of the best opportunities to sell your work emerges, yet most artists don’t know how to take advantage of it. Here’s how and why you should.

Sir Alfred Munnings

The life of the acclaimed equestrian artist Sir Alfred Munnings is currently been made into a film ‘Summer in February’ starring Dan Stevens of Downton Abbey fame. His best loved works are also currently on display at the Richard Green Gallery in Bond Street, London.

Plein Air for Inspiration – Studio for Imagination

A suggested way to overcome a mental block occasionally experienced by most artists. The use of imagination, instead of relying on the usual visual reference. Compositions and color schemes can be invented in the studio by changing style, taking risks and using creative thinking. It is possible that a new technique will be discovered and further developed with time and persistence.

Is Face Painting Safe?

As the holidays come nearer, the trend of face and body paints will definitely soar. Especially during Halloween, summer events and birthday parties, face paints often top the list among kids’ favorite activities.

Masterpiece by Banksy

Banksy is undoubtedly a renowned, pseudonymous Graffiti artist based in England. His specialty is the combining of graffiti art with the dark humor and presenting the result using a stenciling technique which is very distinctive. Though the graffiti artist is happy in concealing his true self, over time some facts about his life have been uncovered.

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