How to Draw Long Curly Hair

How to Refinish Old Furniture to Save Money!

Here I will explain how and why you should refinish your own furniture to turn it into something new and creative. You could also sell your creations for a profit, and be saving the environment at the same time! Also, at the end I will share a tutorial on how I refinished an old clock.

Investing in Art

A lot has been said about investing in Art, that it is a solid investment which will generate a profit one day, that it can enhance your social status, etc. Assuming art is a good investment, in order for it to come to fruition you will have to be aware of several considerations when you make an artistic acquisition.. One of them is the quality of the artwork, i.e. the materials used by the artist.

The Functions of Art Galleries

When we think of an art gallery, we generally form an image of empty hallways filled with dim light and paintings on the walls. Well, to a certain extent, you may be right, but not in all cases.

Choosing the Right Art Materials

Remember when you were bored in class and started doodling on your paper? We all have that artist in us who urges to randomly start doodling when we are bored.

Learn an Exclusive Art Work – MADHUBANI Paintings

Madhubani paintings are one of the popular Indian folk art. Also known as ‘Mithila Paintings’ the name Madhubani comes from the village named Madhubani (in the State of Bihar in Northern India) where the art form originated and is practiced. The name Madhubhani translates to Forests of Honey. The art is created on the walls that have been plastered with cow dung and mud paste to render a dark background. The female members of the house practiced the art. It served as a creative expression tool for their everyday lives and happenings. With the belief that Gods visited each house in the morning hours, the art primarily donned the walls and doors, intending to please and welcome the Gods.

Equestrian Artists: Sir Alfred Munnings – A Potted Biography

If you love horses and love art, find out a little more about the twentieth century’s foremost equestrian artist, Sir Alfred Munnings. Discover how valuable his paintings are today and what he thought of modernist art.

Still Life Painting: Beginner Techniques

Still life painting is a style that is used in painting. It uses still objects – inanimate objects – that are depicted through painting.

Basic Still Life Painting Lessons

Still life painting is one of the styles used in painting. It is mostly done by painting still objects — non-living things that we see day-to-day. it is one of the common styles that is used by many painters.

Art for Social Evolution

We live at a crucial time in history and I believe the world needs Art more than ever. Not only to soothe it or to support it, but to co-create its evolution. What if it was possible to help the world shift to a more positive reality, with the help of Art?

Famous Painters List – An Appreciation of the Artistic Greats

Humans have always attempted to express themselves creatively. The evidence is there in the cave paintings of Lascaux that were done by prehistoric men. If you are interested in the visual arts then you ought to start by compiling a famous painters list so that you can see their paintings.

What Is Native American Art?

The term Native American is representative of all the original inhabitants of the Americas, prior to European colonisation. It includes North, Central, South America, West Indies and the Eskimo nations. Despite the expansive cultural base that it symbolizes, Native American art has been relegated to the fringes of the American West until recent years.

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