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Great Wave of Kanagawa

Great Wave of Kanagawa is one of the most recognisable pieces of Japanese art and amongst the finest to have come from the career of Hokusai who himself is a key artist within the history of Japanese Wooden Block prints. This style of art has grown in popularity right across the world and indeed many famous European artists such as Claude Monet were big enough fans to go to the lengths of buying some of Hokusai’s original paintings at great expense. They would have felt that seeing the originals would be the only way to truly understand the craft used by artists from Asia that otherwise would be hard to understand during the 19th century when different cultures were much harder to research and study.

Alphonse Mucha

Alphonse Mucha created a career which achieved high levels of academic respect and was considerable in its output as well as the levels of quality that were in most of his best pieces. Amongst the finest poster prints to have come from Alphonse Mucha were titles such as Dance, Winter, La Primavere, Fall, Cycles Perfecta, Hiver, Princess Hyacinth, Cognac Template, Printemps, Moet et Chandon, Music and Job. Mucha’s series of oil paintings which depicted Slavic life and the history of this people are lesser known outside of his native Czech Republic, where it continues to be stored today.

Painting Skies With a House Brush

Most artists have probably never considered using a 3 inch house painting brush for their oil paintings, but doing so can get fantastic results with painting skies. A soft bristle brush enables wonderful blending of the sky colours. Just start by thinning your white paint with a blend of 1/4 artists turps or gum turps with 3/4 linseed oil.

Reverse Glass Paintings: Essentials To Know

Reverse glass painting is a popular art form all around the world. Quite unlike a canvas painting, the reverse glass painting technique requires an artist to paint from back-to-front i.e. in reverse order.

Painting Fabrics With Texture

To paint or not to paint with texture… that is the big fabric painting question. What’s all the fuss about? Well, so glad you asked. Today there are so many counterfeits on the market in just about any and everything that can be produced by man. Creating an interesting texture on fabric gives the appearance of having the real deal, an original, not a print of one. With so many look-a-likes available in just about every nook and cranny of the world, many discerning consumers are looking for that fabric that offers just a touch more pizzazz than the norm; something that they consider an exotic or a specialty fabric.

Mucha Paintings

Mucha paintings are amongst the finest work to have come from the Czech Republic and this article covers the career of Alphonse Mucha in full, with comment on both his life and his extensive portfolio of work. Alphonse Mucha was a key member of the Art Nouveau collection of painters and illustrators who were well remembered for bringing a contemporary and innovative approach which still proves very popular today.

How To Select Your Fabric Paints

In all the excitement about purchasing paint for fabric you run to the local art and craft store to purchase you arsenal of fabric paints. The displays are beautiful and the variety… nothing short of astounding. I can hear the music playing in the background even now, it makes you want to float and dance through the paint aisle. Oh if you could just stay in this lovely place; at least until the beautiful song ends and then perhaps you can move on.

Learning Oil Painting – A Few Tips On How To Begin

Oil painting is quite suitable for beginners. Oil paints dry much slower than watercolors or acrylics, which gives you more time to work. You can also easily correct mistakes by just painting over them. So if you decided to learn painting, oils definitely are a good choice.

Wine and Art – Their Happy Marriage Called Wine Painting

Wine and art. What is it about these two subjects that allows them to be melded so effortlessly and effectively? And is there any way that they can be combined into one overtly pompous force? The answer to the first question is “I don’t know”; the answer to the second, a resounding “Yes.” Power and beauty are unleashed when these two dynamic forces marry in a little known art form called “wine painting.” I know this because this is what I do; I’m a wine painter. Wine painting is the art of painting with wine.

Seeking Perfection in Art

Is it possible to have a perfect painting? And, if so, what would a perfect painting be like?

A New Star Born – Melusina or Mistaken Identity – Review of Julius Lewandowski Art

Julius Lewandowski’s work is intoxicating. Why? Because you can feel the true passion of her artistic characters. This is not to miss by art lovers and collectors!

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