How to Draw + Shade Lips in Pencil

Techniques on Painting and Some Tools You Will Need

There are many choices when it comes to techniques on painting and for buying painting supplies. It can be confusing to know what to purchase. Some advice and techniques to save you frustration follow.

Painting Terms and Techniques in Painting

Having a better understanding of some painting terms and techniques in painting should make learning painting more enjoyable to the new artist. The following painting techniques and terms are used throughout the oil, watercolor and acrylic art world.

Painting Digitally With Your Voice – Will Speech Recognition Change the Way We Paint?

The other day, I went to a restaurant and I noticed there was a little kid at one of the tables. The waitress brought over some crayons and some paper with some drawings on it so he could color them in. As the kid was doing so the parents were explaining to him to stay within the line, to go a little bit to the right, and then to change colors. I thought this was interesting because it would be better to let the kid experiment and enjoy a little creativity. Nevertheless, in this case the child actually did what they said, and therefore one has to ask who was actually coloring the diagram; was it the parents through the child, or the child himself?

Five Acrylic Painting Supplies You Must Have

There are a plethora of art supplies you use when painting with acrylics. If you are new to painting and using acrylics, there are five things you must have to make your painting experience a success.

What Makes a Fine Wedding Portrait?

Your wedding is bound to be one of the most memorable days in your life. Even when the privilege of having a portrait made was reserved only for the very wealthy, people often did their best to have some sort of reminder of their big day, even if it was a simple daguerreotype, sketch or miniature. Today, couples are far luckier. They can have a wedding portrait made quite easily, and even have it customized to suit their fancy.

Canvas Art a Beautiful Way to Decorate Your Home

Having her home decorated is the dream of any housewife. Decoration you have in your home reflects your personality. Therefore, it is a must to have your home personalized with some form of decorations.

Portrait Painting Techniques – How To Paint People From Photos

Today’s artists have the ability to use photos and manipulate those photos, making portrait painting easier than ever! Following are some portrait painting techniques. Use these techniques with any medium and finally learn how to paint people.

Tips For Painting Landscapes With Watercolors

Painting landscapes can be very satisfying and enjoyable, but might also seem daunting, especially in watercolors. However, with practice, patience and experimentation you can easily and quickly capture the essence of the landscape with washes, fine lines and textures.

Portrait Painting Techniques – Painting Portraits From Photos

Learning portrait painting techniques and how to paint portraits from photos is as easy as 1, 2, 3. I know this sounds cliche, but if you think of the progress of the painting as steps and build upon each step, it really is easy to paint portraits from photos.

Great Father’s Day Portrait Tips

It’s been said that a son won’t always follow a father’s advice – but he will always follow his example. That’s why the role of Dad is one of the most challenging that a man will ever have to assume. Being a father is huge responsibility, but it’s one that many men take the greatest pride in. That’s why we celebrate Father’s Day – it’s the one day in the year we set aside to honor the men who have dedicated themselves to being good providers and fine examples to their families.

Forgotten Miniature Paintings Also Known As Miniature Art

Miniature art is a fine and specialty art. It is a extremely detailed work, exquisite in color with strength of composition. This is a unique art form, based on a minute scale. In fact for centuries it has been revered as tiny masterpieces, treasures to remember a loved one, or for the purpose of room decor. The viewer at times must use the aid of a magnifying glass to reveal all its secrets.

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