HOW TO DRAW TIE DYE | Drawing Tutorial

Artists Supplies – Palettes and Acrylic Paints

Artist supplies in your arts and crafts stores where you will find acrylic paints are labeled ‘student grade’ and artist grade’. Acrylic paints are available in jars, cans or metal and plastic tubes. The ‘student grade’ has less pigment and more filler than the ‘artist grade’.

The Use of Phi in Painting

The use of phi when painting the human form or many natural elements helps the artist to establish the most visually appealing proportions for the contents of the painting. In figurative painting phi is used to create the correct balance between elements of the face, the body and the composition to canvas.

Lessons on Painting – Oil, Acrylic or Watercolor?

Very often when people tun to the internet for phrases like lessons on painting, acrylic painting lessons or learn to paint with oil, they are beginners and have not yet chosen a favorite paint medium. Its a good idea to play with a variety of styles of art to get an understanding of which materials and paint you prefer.

Painting Lessons for Portrait Painting

Painting lessons are necessary for beginning artists if they want to achieve great results with acrylic, watercolor or oil portraits. No matter which medium they choose, beginning painting lessons should be used to achieve results that make the artist happy with their work.

Achieve Better Painting Results With Primer Paint

When you would like to obtain the best results, using primer paints together with industrial paints will be the best thing to do. The primer paints creates water tight seals and leaves a smooth surface that you can admire. Primer paints are made to offer you the necessary protection and also make your surface glossy and shiny. They help in protecting various surfaces from the extreme conditions such as frost or extreme sun which could cause huge amount of damage if not protected.

Watercolor Painting – An Expression on Canvas

The article provides information regarding on of the best, easiest and economical painting style that is watercolor painting. Watercolor painting involves paints mixed with water which is done usually on paper. Here the author has provided information regarding the different watercolor painting techniques, supplies and kid friendly watercolor paints.

Selling Art – Do You Know Who Is Mostly Going to Purchase Your Art?

Whether you are an artist that is just starting their art career or you are an experienced professional artist, when selling art it is important to know, who is most likely going to buy your art. Most artists, when they start selling their art, do not consider “who” the most likely type of customer is that will purchase the art. Often if you ask artists to describe their ideal customer, the artist will say, “I’m trying to sell to everybody.

How to Mix Paint Colors to Make Brown

Learn what two colors can be used to make brown. We use the color wheel to explain how to mix almost any color under the sun correctly.

Paint Brush – Identify the Different Varieties

It is important to consider a few things before choosing painting brushes such as the elasticity of the brush, the ability of the brush to regulate the flow of paint and whether it can make a sharp point. Choosing the right type of paint brush from an endless variety is very important.

Miniature Paintings Are Crowing Glory of Indian Paintings

Miniature Paintings India is the land of tradition and culture. Starting from the different forms of handicrafts, arts and crafts, performing arts, everything is reflective of the rich glorious past of the country. Among the various forms of paintings of India, miniature paintings play a significant role in the country’s rich heritage and culture.

When Is a Caravaggio a Great Painting?

A conversation I had recently went along the lines of, “so how do you explain the sometimes poor drawing skills of Caravaggio Peter?” to which I replied, “he seems to me to be always rushing, to be somewhere else, often with the police on his tail, so perhaps parts of certain paintings like the twisted and contorted feet of the Madonna in the Madonna of Loreto painting in the church of Sant’Agostino in Rome, were rushed in the drawing?” I thought it a damn fine argument because I’ve always found those feet disturbing.

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