How to make a KNEADED ERASER – DIY

Bob Jones University Museum and Gallery

A Simpsonville, South Carolina hotel highlights Bob Jones University Museum and Gallery. The museum showcases the university’s collection of western religious art.

Highlighting Art Galleries at Atlanta’s Historically Black Colleges

An Atlanta airport hotel highlights art galleries at two of Atlanta’s historically black colleges. Spelman College and Clark Atlanta University have significant collections by African American artists.

Love Your Art, Decide Wisely About Buying Paintings

There are several things that are important to art buyers, things that art buyers tend to show keenness in knowing before buying paintings. This article explores them.

How To Develop Interesting Art Themes For The Home

Southwestern art means different things to different people. Cowboys, of course, are a common motif in these kinds of art pieces. While some home owners might wish to find a number of disparate paintings, others may want to buy three or four that are held together by a common theme. Placing these pictures in a sun room might be the perfect touch. If individuals are not sure where to hang their newly acquired art, they can always consult with an interior decorator.

Learning More About Pastels

When you get on your way using pastels there are not very many distinctive techniques needed to get started. But painting with pastels is an ongoing practice of education and finding out, and it’s one of the objects about pastels which makes them so amazing.

Abstract Art Is Great for Beginners – Part 2

Is abstract art good for a beginner? This is an unusual article that describes the story of how a strange painting developed a life of its own. You can gain confidence fast by using a simple and easy way to learn how to draw and paint. By keeping things simple and uncomplicated you can explore your own magic world of art without fear of disappointment or failure.

The Frieze of Life

Why do artists paint? Noted painter, Edvard Munch delves into his own reasons, in this imagined conversation.

There Is No Best, Only Better!

White walls, white windows and white corridors. Now we need something to light up our dream house. Oil painting, as an essential decorative item, lives in many people’s homes and many people’s hearts. But not all the people are familiar with decorating with oil painting.

Madhubani Paintings – The True Example of Traditional Art

Madhubani painting is a very popular art form of India. This art form is basically originated from Madhubani or Mithila region in Bihar, that is why Madhubani Painting is also famous as Mithila Painting.

Art and Craft From Ladakh and Leh in India

Leh is a mesmerizing land of lakes and mountains in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. The simple locals craft & sell traditional Leh handicrafts to earn a living and keep the legacy intact. The handicrafts of this region (called Ladakh) carry Kashmiri, Nepalese, Tibetan, and Japanese influence. The article talks about some of the most popular arts and crafts of Ladakh and Leh.

Madhubani Painting – The Color Significance of a Hindu Wedding Scene

Madhubani or Mithila painting from the Eastern Indian state of Bihar, India, needs no introduction. Known for its vibrant color schemes appealing high to the visual senses, this painting style is 100% organic. Its wedding scene is an especially popular theme. Its color palette is chosen to reflect the goodness of a happy marriage. The article discusses the color symbolism of this most popular Maithili theme.

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