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A Look At Fine Art In Africa

Fine art in Africa has undergone considerable transformation over the years. Unfortunately many of the past and present African artists have not received the credit that is due to them to this day. With any form of art, it is important to understand pieces within a specific social and cultural context in order to determine its message and underlying meaning.

Artist Spotlight: Philip Naviasky (1894-1936)

Hailing from Leeds originally myself, my ears – or rather eyes, in this case, if such a thing were possible – always prick up on mention of a Leeds artist. Philip Naviasky is one such, a prolific yet modest painter in oils, with the surprising accolade of being the youngest ever student to be accepted into the Royal Academy Schools, aged just eighteen. Leeds can now of course claim Damien Hirst, Leeds bred (although not born), and many others can be poached via Leeds School of Art – Henry Moore and Barbara Hepworth, for example, being Yorkshire natives educated at the city’s art college.

How to Buy Paintings Online – Tips

People all around the world have always had a keen interest in art. No matter what style or form of art they find their inspiration in; the sense of attachment always makes them appreciate the work.

Laying a Watercolour Wash

The basics of laying a good watercolour wash and the equipment needed. Also a brief description of the best papers to use.

Bob Dylan’s Drawn Blank Series Has Made a Comeback

It was speculated that Bob Dylan’s Drawn Blank series would make a return this year, and it most certainly has. These limited edition graphics which have recently been launched, mark five years since the start of the series in 2007.

Fun Uses for Face and Body Painting

Body and face painting has turned into a popular activity amongst the most ubiquitous pastimes for gatherings where children are attending, and in addition to being a useful tool for photographers, craftsmen, and other individuals. One of the most amazing contrasts between them is the reason and when it is carried out. Face painting is customarily done on children, while body painting is carried out on older people.

Original Modern Abstract Art – Impress Your Guests With Great Artworks

The urban homes of today are extremely beautiful and they deserve that creative touch which can add a distinct element to them. Modern abstract artworks help you to infuse a magical ambiance to your homes.

A Cunning Plan for How to Stick to Your Art Schedule

Spending enough time on tweaking a Schedule for your days in your new studio is an investment in your future as a professional artist. Keeping to that schedule is a whole other story. How to do that, without stressing-out or neglecting your family and friends, is the subject of this article.

Like Elite Athletes, Professional Artists Schedule Their Time

In every human endeavor, a plan for success is required at the start. If you’ve set your goal at switching from hobby artist to professional, you’ve made the first step. Congratulations! How to achieve that goal by making your plan detailed enough to work, flexible enough to stick to, is the subject of this article.

Understanding The Art And Culture In Bahamas

In the process of demystifying the art and culture in Bahamas, one would need to look at the different lifestyles people in a certain area lead. The culture for Bahamas is a hybrid of European, African and other cultures that are fused together. The following are some of the key points to be discussed in a bid to make people understand Bahamian culture.

Portraits – For Kings Only?

Imagine you are a king in the golden age standing still for a few hours while a man, with hundreds of paintbrushes and dozens of colors spread all around your living room, is trying to make an accurate painting of you. Fortunately today there is no need to be a king, nor to have a painter in your room in order to have a painting because there is a better way to have custom oil paintings without this effort. Having a nice view that you want to remember, a photo from your youth, a photo of your…

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