I Custom painted my Denim Jacket

Wearing A Fine Art Necktie Adds Some Class To Your Outfit

There are some couture items that need thought to be put into wearing them. This article will deal with the ‘fine art necktie’. You will find out exactly what fine art is. You will also find out how fine art and neckties come together in this kind of industry.

Pointillism in Art History

Berkshire-based landscape artist gives an overview of pointillism. It’s a painting technique that involves using thousands of tiny dots of colour to create an image. It’s a different type of painting technique and makes you think about the mechanics of painting in a new way.

Tools You Will Need to Start Acrylic Painting

Getting started – Acrylics are one of the most popular types of paints because they dry very quickly and can be diluted with water to create a watercolour effect. They are very good at protecting a piece of art because they resist water very well, despite the fact that they can be diluted with it. They also show no signs of discolouring, fading or cracking. Beginners often start off with acrylics and take it from there. This article will look at the basic supplies a beginner will need to start painting.

How to Use the One Stroke Painting Technique

What is the one stroke painting technique? As its name suggests, the one stroke painting technique simply means you achieve everything in just one stroke. This includes shading, highlighting and blending – you get all this from a single stroke instead of having to use multiple strokes. All you have to do is load different colours on to a flat brush. It can be used on a variety of different surfaces.

How to Use a Painting Knife

What is a painting knife? A painting knife is a knife that has a pointed tip and a flexible steel blade. The blade can come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. For example, it can be in the shape of a rectangle, a triangle or even a diamond. The main part of the blade is lowered from the wooden handle like a trowel. This is to prevent the artist’s hand from coming into direct contact with the paint on the canvas. Painting knives look a lot like metal spatulas.

5 Ways You Could Be Using Body Painting to Earn Money

If you have some artistic talent and are looking for a way to earn a little extra cash, then you might want to take the time to consider body painting! For a long time, face painting at kids parties and special events has been a popular activity and many makeup artists are able to earn some money from offering this type of service.

An Overview of Popular Italian Painting Periods

A brief overview of some of the most iconic and popular Italian art periods. Get a glimpse of Renaissance, Baroque, and Neoclassical Italian art.

Why the Art World Has Got It Wrong About Jack Vettriano

A Contemporary British Artist thinks the Art World has misjudged Jack Vettriano and explains why he deserves more credit than he gets. The ‘Singing Butler’ is one of the most popular painting of it’s day but should we hold that against it?

How to Buy Art for the First Time Buyer

Many people love art and want to decorate their home with an artist’s work but may feel intimidated or unsure about the selection and buying process. Buying art does not have to be pretentious or even expensive. In fact, even well educated art connoisseurs buy art from a range of artists and mediums. There are a few simple steps to follow to find the pieces that suit your tastes and decor best and these include: choosing the artist, selecting the artistic medium and matching home decor.

Autistic Artists And The Art Business

Many artists are autistic and have great difficulty gaining acceptance as an established artist in the mainstream art world. I have tried to point out what some of those difficulties are in this article.

Painting A Series Of Landscapes

Berkshire-based landscape artist talks about how to approach a series of landscape paintings. You can paint a number of different landscapes with a common theme or paint the same landscape in a number of different ways.

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