I Made Art With Real GOLD || OIL PAINTING PROCESS of “Anemoi”

An Epitome of Pride: Recipients of Awards and Medals at the College of Art and Design Lahore

After the Colonial period in the subcontinent, two new sovereign states based and divided on the grounds of ideology and two-nation theory, were to find their own path in every meaning of the word. After almost a century-long struggle for freedom, both India and Pakistan earned independence from the British Empire in 1947. However, the Colonial era had acculturated the South Asia in every way, from culture to tradition, from religion to ethics, from cultivation to transportation and from telecommunication to education.

Razzia Feroz and Her Work: A Pioneer of Art in Pakistan

It was only the seventh year since the Fine Arts Department was founded at the University of the Punjab Lahore, when it cradled the first generation of Pakistani artists on a serious academic level after the independence in 1947. The atmosphere was outlandish after the nine decades of monarchic British rule and the Lahore, a crucible of various cultures and ethnicities, was a city of opportunities for the young Muslim men and women in terms of work and education. The Fine Arts Department which once was crowded mostly by the Hindu and Christian girls, then started to entertain the Muslim…

A Naturalistic Affair

Mirza Matloob Baig is another landscape painter who belongs to the legacy of Khalid Iqbal’s landscape school where light plays a vital role in the rendering of a certain ambiance through colours. Landscape painting is a formidable genre as precision, accuracy, depth and swirling forms are challenges for an artist, that make him embezzled in attaining the desired results. Matloob has accepted this painting style as a challenge by implying a combination of all necessary features that are pivotal in obtaining accurate and impressive results connected to this genre.

When I Learnt to Write

Diverse writing styles like Naskh, Nasta’liq, Thulth (or Suls), Kufic, Shikasta and many others, evolved over the centuries and across Afro-Asian lands, with the spread of Islamic ideology. The art of calligraphy came into its south Asian mould during the reigns of various Muslim dynasties; the Slaves, the Khilji’s, the Tughlaqs, the Sayyids, the Lodhi’s, and the Mughals.

Soil and Soul

Landscape painting has been a popular genre among the viewers of Pakistani art owing to its no-iconoclastic nature. Even a layman is a good admirer of landscape painting. This is one reason that we can find this style of painting, as a part of miniature painting, back in the times of the Mughals and then as a proper developing genre in the British era.

Southern Nevada Museum Of Fine Art

The Southern Nevada Museum of Fine Art features a variety of exciting art exhibits that attract art lovers from near and far. Their goal is to encourage an awareness and enjoyment of fine art.

34 Steps To Success In The Overseas Art Workshop Niche

You could pay an art coach $500 for this advice… and another $40 a month to hold your hand at every step along the way. Or you could read this article. You have seen ads like this for years. And you have missed the point… for years.

How To Choose The Right Airbrush Air Supply

Airbrushes are popular tools, however one question that often needs addressing is what sort of air supply to use. There are a variety of options when it comes to airbrush air sources and we look at a number of those here.

Face Painting: Not Just For Kids

When we think about face painting, it is common to automatically picture little kids at a birthday party or fun fair. However, there is a growing trend for face painting (and body painting) among adults too and many professional face paint artists and suppliers are finding that it is this sector of the market which is earning the most money for them.

The Immortal Excellence of Arts and Crafts in Andhra Pradesh

India is well known to be the birthplace of talented personalities in all fields of life. Arts and Crafts take up significant role in Indian history as numerous talented artists have designed and developed various peculiar arts and crafts that are traditionally practiced even today. The State of Andhra Pradesh is well known for its dispersed growth of arts and handicraft products. Nirmal Craft is one among those arts which are traditionally developed and nourished by specially trained artists.

Art And Culture In Algeria

This country as with all other countries has a vibrant art and culture scene that is heavily influenced by its history. This scene is composed of a myriad of factors which include religion, language, literature as well as other aspects present in the country. The article will try to delve into other factors of art and culture in Algeria.

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