I painted a TINY MOVIE SCENE (from Pirates of the Caribbean!)

What Makes A Landscape Beautiful?

Introduction – What makes a landscape beautiful? That’s a really difficult question to answer because, well, there is no definitive answer. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, as they say. In other words, we are the judges and we individually decide whether we find something beautiful or not. One person may find a particular scene beautiful, astounding and captivating, while another may find it dull, bland and boring. It’s up to us to decide.

Cleaning Artist Brushes

Cleaning Procedure – Knowing how to clean your brushes is indispensable for extending the life of your brushes. Watercolor brushes – For watercolor, rinse your brush with cold water and gently squeeze the head to drain the water. You can use a paper towel to gently suck the water out of the brush head.

Artist Brushes

This article provides general information about artist brushes. It is meant to help aspiring and skilled artists choose the right brush for the right purpose.

What Type Of Landscape Should You Be Painting?

Berkshire-based landscape artist talks about what landscapes you should be painting. She mentions how you should think of your ideal customer and wow them with your work.

The Impressionists: Their Ideas and Theories

Although Edouard Manet is often referred to as the father of impressionism, Claude Monet is, without a doubt, the most well known impressionist painter of his time. The impressionists changed the way we look at art and transformed the way many modern artists paint. By striving to paint the light and using broken color techniques, Monet and the impressionists left their mark in art history, despite being criticized during their times.

Oil Painting: What You Need to Get Started

An informative guide for those wishing to get into oil painting. Article discusses the tools and supplies required for beginners.

How To Make The Painting Process More Bearable

A landscape artist gives a few tips on making the painting process more bearable by making little changes here and there. Just a few simple changes can give you a fresh perspective on your work.

Adorn Your Home With Landscape Paintings

Landscape artists have the charm to stunningly display the beauty captured on canvas with high detailing and vivid colors. Landscapes have a unique appeal that leaves a mark on our minds. Similarly, the same landscapes and seascapes, when painted on canvas, create the same intense emotion for its viewers.

Artists of the Future: Who Will Teach Crafstmanship to Them?

One time, a regular client – a self-made success in business – commissioned me to make a large painting. He added a most unusual condition.

How Did Georgia O’Keefe Redefine Western American Painting?

The impact of Georgia O’Keefe’s artwork on Western American lifestyle painting. The variety of techniques she used whilst creating art.

Getting the Best Results With Top Quality Face Paints

Face painting can be great fun and getting the reaction from the child whose face you are painting can be the most rewarding thing in the world. So to make sure that you get great results, here are some simple things that you should do.

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