I painted a TINY MOVIE SCENE (with the world’s greatest artist lamp)!

Paint Brushes And Their Designated Functions

Paint brushes and their designated functions give you an overview of 7 often-used brushes: filbert brush, round brush, flat brush, liner brush, water brush, fan brush, and mop brush. Each brush is created with the specific functions.

African Art Paintings: A Brief History of African Fine Art Paintings

The history of African paintings makes for a fascinating and rich account. Some of the earliest rock paintings of Africa have been found in Namibia.

What Is Magical Thinking and Can It Make You a Better Artist?

Magical thinking features in the best fairytales, films and novels written for children. Painting has properties of magic built in…

I Know Good Art When I See It – Especially When It Is My Own

The other day, I complimented a very talented artist on her excellent piece. She was very interested to see if I liked it, and how could anyone not, it was indeed magnificent. I knew, and she knew it too. In fact, she told me that she didn’t have any modesty when it came to what she does on canvas, but it was nice to get compliments when they are deserved, and in this case they were – for sure.

How To Choose The Right Airbrush

This article looks at how to choose the right airbrush. Choosing the right airbrush is important whatever you use one for, as you need to have the right tool for the task, and here the important points are explained to make your decision easier.

The Influence of Paul Gauguin on Artists and Their Works Today

This article refers to the impact of Paul Gauguin’s work on other artists. And, the professional relationship between Gauguin and Vincent Van Gogh and what led to it’s demise.

Painting With Your ‘Right-Brain’ or Your ‘Left-Brain’ – Which Is the Best Way?

The theory of ‘right-brain’ training to boost creativity spawns myriad best-seller books. You can even take an online test. I did it…

Jewish Art Today

Jewish art is currently renowned for its vibrant splashes of color and symbolic representations. These artistic symbolism’s play an integral part of Jewish culture and history. Jewish artistry is a vivacious representation of Jewish world incorporating a variety of traditions which make it special and outstanding. In addition, Jewish arts comprise a lot of meaning which holds fascinating significance to its culture and emits positive influences and energies to its audience.

A Guide To Canvas Painting

Canvas painting is one of the most beautiful forms of painting where the image is patterned on a lovely canvas material, which is a made by a closely woven fabric. This fabric is either made out of cotton, linen or combination of both.

Steps To Paint On A Canvas

Painting is one of the favorite things that is loved by many people and is also believed to carry out your emotions so well. Certain people believe that painting relaxes their mind and lets out their soul to freely wander without any boundaries, and relieves them of stress. There are various types of painting and painting base materials, where canvas is one of the most commonly used materials by most artists and is widely available in many stores.

The Worst Part of Painting on Linen – How to Control the Bounce?

Linen canvas has one infuriating drawback. It bounces! In this regard, it’s the worst. So, how to deal with it? Discover an easy DIY fix.

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