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Nicolas Poussin

Nicolas Poussin created paintings which helped to influence the development of art across the 17th century by using the lively combination of his native French creativity with experience of working in the artistic centre of Europe at that time, namely Italy. This article covers Nicolas Poussin and his career in full, touching at times of some of the significant paintings to have come from his career.

The Life Of Salvador Dali

Salvador Dali was born on 11 May 1904 at Figueras in Catalonia, Spain. Dali started going to drawing school and had his first public exhibition, in 1919, at the Municipal Theater in Figueras. Dali’s mother died of breast cancer, in February 1921, when he was sixteen years old.

Lady of Shalott

Lady of Shalott was a stylish oil painting from British Pre-Raphaelite painter JW Waterhouse. This article discusses the Lady of Shalott painting in great detail and pays particular attention to it’s symbolism as was common in the art movements of that period. JW Waterhouse himself was one of the major stars within 19th century British art and his reputation has remained strong up to the present day.

Raphael’s Paintings

Raphael, original name Raffaello Sanzio da Urbino, was the last crucial artist to have come from the High Renaissance and his paintings remain exceptionally respected across the western world. This article discusses the career of this great artist and underlines some of the best of Raphael’s paintings. We can conclude that Raphael paintings combined all of the academic teachings that had been built up over the different periods of the Renaissance movement which spread across the 15th and 16th centuries.

Brain Injury and a Near Death Experience (NDE) Sparks Visions for an Artist

A visual artists falls in her bathtub — which results in a serious brain injury and a total life change. While recuperating, she has paranormal visions of light beings and records them in a new body of work.

Use Art Materials to Create a Masterpiece for Your Home

Choosing a painting which suits your home can be challenging so why not create your own using art supplies. Before you get started on your painting you will first need to find inspiration from somewhere and the secret to success is working out what kind of art will fit in most with your interior design. There are so many places to gain motivation for producing paintings such as art exhibitions, fairs and galleries where you can evaluate whether what you see will suit the rooms in your property.

The Encaustic Adventure II – Bees Do It!

Encaustic uses beeswax as its basic material and although honeybees are the only creatures that make beeswax, there are a variety of waxes available for work in Encaustic painting. Waxes come in chunks or pastilles, cakes and granules, slabs and flakes. Flakes are shaved from a slab; beads are droplets hardened on a conveyor belt; granules are liquid wax sprayed onto an air-cooled tower and then congealed.

Knowing The Frustration of Being An Artist

We’ve all heard about the artists’ world having so many ups and downs. It’s not just in the world of shows, acceptances and rejections or selling a painting or not, it’s also in the emotions of making of our art. We have good days and bad days in creating.

Do I Need to Know How to Draw Before I Begin Painting?

I am often asked by beginning artists: Do I need to know how to draw first, before I learn how to paint oil paintings? A great question and here is my answer…

Van Gogh’s Works

Van Gogh’s works are covered in full within this article which attempts to bring you the most significant contributions from a Dutch painter who has become much loved right across the world. Vincent Van Gogh himself produced hundreds upon thousands of works at an incredibly prolific rate as he went about staving off his mental illness problems through artistic obsession which helped to drive the incredible achievements which he managed. We can conclude that the works of Van Gogh are amongst the most important and popular to have come from any artist since the Middle Ages.

Portrait Painting Artists Sketch Faces

The first and most important step in portrait painting is to draw many sketches until you feel the sitter’s personality is captured. The personality may be completely captured by your judgment call or reviewed by the sitter and both of you settle on an agreed decision. Use a live model to pose for you. This is portrait sketching at its best. A photo may substitute should you not be able to get anyone to pose.

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