Jeremy Paxman on Rembrandt at National Gallery

Buying Reproductions of Oil Paintings

While surfing the net or when visiting an art gallery or a museum, you may have been so impressed by a particular oil painting, that you wanted to own it or buy it for a friend who admires such pieces of art. Unfortunately, many times, you may not be able to procure that painting due to its exorbitant price, or it may not be available for sale and meant to be displayed in a museum only. Nevertheless, the most viable way of taking possession of your much-loved oil painting is to buy its reproduction.

The Intent and Torment of an Artist

Intent, perhaps the most underrated word in the English language, intent also forms the basis of ninety percent of criminal law, for the purpose of this article I will be focusing primarily on creative intent from an artist’s perspective. We all aim to do our best when faced with a bleached gesso primed canvas, the desire to create a masterpiece and a painting of note forms the foundation of our motivation and the driver of our intent.

Art and Politics: Part 1

History clearly has a wrong side. While many would like to forget the past, the following artists have chosen to confront it – head on, and with a vengeance.

Your Career in Art – 3 Top-Notch Techniques

Showy use of technique catches casual attention. Artistry requires more from you than slick virtuosity. Technical skill is only a tool…

Why Do People Paint?

This article looks at a few different reasons why people decide to paint. Some people do it to express themselves and to learn to look at the world in a new way, while others simply do it to escape.

What Is Wet-On-Wet Painting?

This article gives a summary of wet-on-wet painting. This painting technique has been around for many centuries and consists of painting on top of wet layers, resulting in painting getting done more quickly.

Plein Air Painting In The Rain

This article talks about plein air painting in the rain and things you can do to avoid having your painting session ruined when it starts raining. Many find it exciting and enjoy being able to depict a scene in the rain.

Plein Air Painting in a Group

This article talks about the advantages of plein air painting in groups. Painters usually do plein air painting by themselves, but there are a few advantages to plein air painting in a group.

How to Paint for Pleasure When You Always Paint for Work

This article offers a few ways in which you can learn to paint for pleasure. Painting, like any type of work, can become burdensome when it’s your job. Fortunately, there are a few simple things to do to make painting less like work and more like an enjoyable hobby.

Five Famous Landscape Paintings By Van Gogh

An overview of some of Van Gogh’s most famous landscape paintings. These five paintings are among some of his best-known works and feature a number of different styles and meanings.

Five Famous Landscape Paintings By Monet

An overview of some of Monet’s most famous landscape paintings. These five paintings are among some of his best-known works and showcase some of Monet’s experimental techniques.

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