Let’s Paint… A Modern Portrait Commission

Popular Painting Styles – Scumbling Techniques Soften and Add Depth

Scumbling techniques have been used by master painters since the 1600s to create smooth gradations, modify a previously dried layer of paint and to add a sense of depth. Learn how to utilize these powerful methods to bring life to your paintings.

Divisionism – An Unusual Painting Technique

Divisionism – The History By the end of the 19th century, the art world had grown a little weary with the limitations of Impressionism. French painter Georges Seurat (1859-91) was fascinated by the various scientific theories of French chemist Michel-Eugene Chevreul (1786-1889) and American physicist Ogden Rood (1831-1902), on optical vision and color contrast. Inspired by these theories, in 1884, he developed the concept of Chromoluminarism, also known as Divisionism. French artist Paul Signac (1863-1935) came up with the term “Divisionism” in his book ‘From Eugene Delacroix to Neo-Impressionism,’ published in 1899.

Guide to Buying Paintings Online

Ever thought how you could buy paintings online. This article will teach you the advantages and the points you have to pay attention to.

Far-Eastern Painting – Birds and Flower Painting – A Scholar-Artist Style

Birds and flowers have been the favorite subjects of Chinese Paintings since ancient times. Birds and Flower Painting includes a wide range of natural topics, such as flowers, trees, vegetables, birds, insects, fish, and animals. Existing as an independent art form since Tang Dynasty (618-907), Birds and Flower Painting has evolved from being an ornamental pattern on daily utensils to a mature and an important genre of traditional and Contemporary Chinese Art.

Choosing Between Oil Paints and Acrylics

Which medium is best for beginners? Oils or acrylics? This is a question many novices like to ask. The answer is not straightforward.

Painting Lessons – Acrylic

More and more people are discovering the world of acrylic paint and are seeking lessons in acrylic. The reason that acrylic paint is so popular is partly because they are so versatile. Students can finish a painting in a matter of hours, not days. So how does one learn to paint? They seek and find lessons in painting.

Understanding the Different Types of Painting Brushes

There are different types of painting brushes available in the market. If you are planning to getting started with painting then it is extremely important for you to understand the type of brushes and what they are used for. Different brushes are used for different purposes and for creating varied effects on the canvas.

Watercolor Brush Techniques – Learn the Basics

One of the most important things to learn in watercolor painting is how to control your brush. If you don’t control the brush properly you will have a hard time creating whatever you have in mind. In this article you will learn a few basic techniques for brush control which will help you get started on your way to creating some works of art.

Differences Between Oil and Acrylic Paints

Which is the best medium for painting? Oils? Acrylics? Neither is better, however, they are different. In this article we’ll take a closer look at those differences.

Cleaning Basics For Different Types of Painting Brushes

After you have spent the whole day, painting tediously, it can be a real tiresome task to clean the brushes. However, no matter how much you hate doing this, you must know that this is extremely important for the long life of your painting brushes. All the excess paint from them should be removed, and they should be cleaned and dried properly.

How to Choose the Best Watercolor Papers

When it comes to painting, you need all the basics, a nice variety of brushes, an easel, water, containers, and of course incredible papers. When it comes to painting with watercolors you especially need to take the extra time to find the best paper to work with. The paper surface can greatly affect the outcome of your work, sometimes for the good and sometimes for the bad. Keep mistakes to a minimum and keep these tips in mind when choosing the perfect papers.

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