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Advantages of Canvas Wall Art Over Lithographs and Photos Printed On Paper

Canvas wall art are becoming more popular because of their durability and ability to maintain vibrant colors over decades. Traditionally pictures are printed on photo paper or printed as lithographs that are used as wall art. Artwork on canvas tend to be more durable than works of art on paper.

Abstract Canvas Art

Many people try to understand abstract art and walk away frustrated at the attempt. It will help to understand something about the history of abstract canvas art and how it first began, thus gaining a perspective of its philosophical and cultural origins. Abstract art has also been referred to as non-objective art.

Finding Out How to Paint With Oils Easily

Imaginative natural talent isn’t automatically a feature which everybody is born with, and may indeed be learned and above all improved. In determining to pursue oil painting as well as know about painting techniques, you will have without a doubt taken the initial step in achieving this particular hidden natural talent.

Discovering How to Get Better at Oil Painting

Artistic talent isn’t really always some sort of trait in which one is going to be born with, and may really be acquired and more importantly enhanced. By choosing to pick up painting or even find out about art painting techniques, you will have definitely employed step one in improving this unique hidden natural talent.

Take Care of Paint Brush Art Supplies

Having to clean up after painting can take the fun out of art supplies but learning how to protect your brushes is essential. Unfortunately, the days of having a teacher or parent wash your brush as soon as you completed your creation are over so as an accomplished artist it is vital to understand how to effectively care for your art supplies. If you are serious about taking care of your art supplies then you must properly understand what type of paint brush you use as different mediums require different types of brush.

A Few Tips on Watercolour Papers

There is so much confusion about Watercolour Paper, probably the reason for this is there are loads of different brands and weights and textures, there are rules you must adhere to, should I pre wet it before use, why do I pre wet the paper, should I stretch my paper before use, what’s cockling. No wonder some artists are confused.

The Plein Air Critique – It’s a Bonus!

A plein air painter attends a workshop for a variety of reasons. You can learn much by looking at their paintings and listening to the comments made by the class. This will help you in evaluating your own paintings and correcting the weak parts.

Excavation by Willem De Kooning

In the galleries of the Art Institute of Chicago hangs the painting “Excavation” by Willem De Kooning. The painting was done in 1950 and was inspired from a Neorealist film “Bitter Sweet” where a woman was working in the fields.

Submitting Your Work to Art and Photography Galleries

The primary thing to focus on with art gallery submission is persistence…never give up. All galleries receive dozens, many hundreds of unsolicited submissions yearly. The reality is that of those many submissions, only a select few ever get chosen to be exhibited. Essentially, submitting your work and then patiently waiting is what’s involved here.

Plein Air Artist Workshop – What to Take and What to Expect Once You Get There

This article describes the anatomy of a plein air artist workshop. It suggests what to take and what to expect once the artist gets to the workshop location.

Talent in Airbrushing

As I have read a lot of airbrush tutorials and watched many videos I got the feeling that if you want to do airbrushing you don’t have to be an artist nor talented at all. All you have to know is how to use airbrush and that’s it. I don’t agree! Why?

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