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More Info on Oil Painting Brushes For the Beginner

Since we started these great articles our goal has been to make sure that you buy the supplies you need to begin a great hobby in oil painting yet not spend a super large amount of money doing it. As a beginner your brush selection does not need to be as vast as it would be if you were a well experienced painter.

Four Brush Types For the Oil Painter

If you are new to oil painting you may appreciate the explanation of these four basic brush types. Oil painting is a great hobby that you can enjoy for years to come.

Great Tips About Oil Painting Brushes For the Beginner

This is a short article with information about China bristle, synthetic, and sable brushes. If you are new to oil painting, you should find this informative.

Choosing Oil Paint Brushes

If you are new to painting, this is a good short article for you to read about brushes. I’m just giving you a couple tips to help you get started.

Contemporary Paintings Art Guide

Contemporary art paintings cover broadly the years of post World War II up to the present day. The styles of painting in contemporary movements vary widely from one to another. This article covers the major movements of contemporary art, and tries to explain how they link with each other.

Learn to Paint – How to Stretch Watercolor Paper

There are all sorts of techniques that you need to learn about watercolor painting. Here is a crucial one that might be over looked elsewhere.

Watercolour Painting Techniques – Top Five Tips and Tricks

Watercolour painting techniques sound like a dull and boring subject but they really do not need to be so. A little imagination and you can have great deal of fun and pleasure as you learn to paint with watercolours. This article will show you some great methods which are certainly not boring!

Watercolor Techniques – Top Five Tips and Tricks

Watercolors are highly popular paints. It is very simple easy to pull out that long box of paints and grab a paintbrush. Then you pour a jar of water and let the pleasure commence.

Watercolor Painting is Fun

Are you just starting out learning to watercolor paint? This step by step guide will put you on the right track to success.

Watercolour Painting Techniques

Do you want to learn watercolour painting techniques for free? This article explains some of the main methods.

Far East Painting – Hua Niao – A Chinese Ancient Painting Style

Chinese Bird-and-Flower Painting, known as Hua Niao, is a kind of painting named after its themes that cover flowers, birds, insects, and fish. The artists have the leeway to understand flowers as plants, and to include pets in their artworks.

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