How to Watercolor Paint – Get the Basics

Some people think that watercolor painting is one of the most difficult painting techniques to learn and master. However, like anything else, if you have the right tools and know the proper techniques, it becomes easier.

Why Acrylic Paintings And Techniques Are Superior To Others

If you are an artist, you have a passion. Your passion is art. Why bother with expensive oils which can take a long time to dry, when there is the less expensive and just as colorful media of acrylic paintings?

Art History Paintings in American History

The history of the United States is a wild and crazy one. From the early fifteenth century onward people have been colonizing the continent of North America. People wanted to preserve the history that was being laid out before them. Some of them wrote books, and many others did great art history paintings to remember the past.

Abstract Art Paintings – Style Without Definite Lines

When it comes to a visual display of color, line, form, and overall composition, Abstract Art has a language all its own. The imagery included in Abstract Art paintings are often far fetched versions of reality. Sometimes they are paintings of things that only the artist is able to interpret. There are artists who are able to get their point across to the public, by painting in such a way that is appealing to just about anyone who views their work.

Creating Flowers Paintings With Acrylic Paints

Creating flowers paintings with acrylic paints is not hard to do, and the end result will be a beautiful picture that can add color and life to any room in a house. There are a number of steps involved with making paintings of flowers with acrylic paints. These are discussed in detail below.

Watercolor Painting Techniques

Watercolor painting can be scary and discouraging. But like anything else, it becomes easy once you know the proper techniques. In this article I will cover several techniques to make you more comfortable and more confident while watercolor painting.

Paintings of the Seasons Rococo Style & Boucher and the Four Seasons

Perhaps one of the most celebrated decorative artists of the 18th century was Francois Boucher of France. To us, transported by time and space and culture, he’s obscure and a bit strange, but interesting nonetheless because his life and career not only demonstrates an important era in art history, but on an interesting time in French history. This was said of him: “Boucher is one of those men who represent the taste of a century, who express, personify and embody it.”

Watercolor Artists – How to Keep Up When You Are Away From Home

Recently my husband and I traveled to one of our favorite place – Loblolly Cove – and I didn’t want to get behind with my artist work or my internet marketing work, so I worked out a plan to accomplish the task I needed to do. As always, the pileated woodpecker greets us, as it sits in a pine across the pond. It’s always there and always greets us.

Why Choose a Local Painter?

If you go to a local art gallery, you are sure to find plenty of paintings created by local artisans. This will give you a chance to evaluate the quality of the canvas, as well as the workmanship that goes into each painting. This is just one of many reasons why you will be well served by choosing a local painter for your canvas art needs.

Watercolor Painting Lessons – How to Get Started

Have you wanted to try painting with watercolors but don’t know how to get started? If you have seen different watercolor paintings, you might have noticed the many varied types and techniques used. It might make it seem as if watercolors might be too complicated, but do not fear. The key is to find lessons from a teacher that can help you with all of the varied tricks, techniques, and methods while encouraging you and making it fun. For beginners, good lessons from a teacher that is skilled in not just one method or style, but in various methods is the best way to go.

5 Tips to Paint Better With Acrylic Paint

Acrylics are fast increasing in popularity among artists all over the world. Easy availability, reasonable prices and quick drying time are all important factors leading to the universal appeal of acrylic paints. Artists can make more paintings using acrylics as they are cheaper and also produce affordable pieces of art. Many artists like to paint with acrylics but do not have the know-how about acrylics. Let us discuss five important tips to paint better with acrylics.

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