Fabric Painting As A Career

Fabric painting is not the most conventional of careers to choose from; in fact most would relegate it to the hobbies listing, an obscure craft. Some would ask, “Who would want to spend their career with fabric paint?” But think about it; if the career were not a significant one, we would all be sitting on bland, colorless and design free furniture, we would probably all be dressed up in flour sacks and staring at blank walls. Of course that’s a slight exaggeration, but you get the point, I’m sure.

Choosing Paint for Shoes

Paint for shoes? Many people don’t even know such a thing exists. Well doesn’t the shoe come from the factory already printed? Uh, yes in many cases. But for the millions of people who would like to add their personal touch to their footwear there are numerous brands of shoe paints available on the market.

Creating Designs for Fabric Painting

There are a number of formulas, designs and concepts circulating for creative fabric design. Many of these teach folks how to duplicate designs that others have already made. For some that is a good starting point as they develop certain skills and techniques in fabric painting. For those who wish to be creative and original, the paint by pattern route can only serve as a springboard to creating their own designs for fabric painting.

Leonardo Da Vinci Paintings

Leonardo da Vinci’s paintings are fundamental to the history of European art, with Da Vinci and fellow artist Michelangelo being fundamental to the rise of the Renaissance period which began in Italy before spreading across the rest of Europe. As well as skills in art mediums of painting and drawing, Leonardo also went onto achieve success in a whole other set of disciplines in which he would also add his customary innovation. Although his art is the main focus of this article, much of it fits closely with other fields in which he was involved. For example, his sketches in some cases depicted some ingenious inventions, though only at a very low level that at the time seemed impossible dreams. The genius of Leonardo da Vinci is underlined by how many of these inventions later became full products centuries later.

How to Paint a Dog Portrait

Suppose you are given an assignment to paint a portrait of your dog and you have to do this from scratch without any input or prior experience in art or painting. This guide will help you get started in making an amazing dog portrait that will be cherished by many for several years to come.

Dilli 6: Art Under ‘The Fuschia Tree (TFT)’

To capture the essence of a city that is thousands of years old in six broad themes would, to say the least, be an arduous task. Not quite if you ask the people at The Fuschia Tree. Located in East of Kailash, The Fuschia Tree, is an idea dedicated to adding art to life. An art gallery which looks beyond the trappings of a traditional art gallery, The Fuschia Tree or TFT…

Hang Da Vinci Wall Paintings in Your Own Home

There are a lot of art lovers who want to collect and display the masterpieces of their favorite art maestros. They would love to hang wall paintings of their admired artists right in their own homes. However, the biggest problem is that most of the time, the classic masterpieces they love to have costs a fortune. Good thing that there are now reproductions of your favorite artworks.

Making Purses With Painted Fabric

If you haven’t yet seen or owned a purse made with painted fabric you don’t know what you’re missing. Oh my goodness- unique is hardly an adequate word to describe one of these beauties. These purses just out-right melt your heart and tantalize every fashion taste bud you have in your body- even the sleeping ones. Imagine painting fabrics for your purses with a little bit of pre-mixed clothes paint.

How to Paint on Clothes

If your passion is fashion and you really would love to know how to paint on your clothes then this information is just for you. There are quite a number of techniques available for painting on shirts and other garments but it is always good to start with the foundation and build from there. Learning the simple techniques for painting clothing can be a lot of fun which is why more people are drawn to this fascinating craft. As you improve your skill with a little practice, your designs begin to mature. It’s as though you are watching it grow right before you very own eyes; it’s quite thrilling.

Fabric Painting for Beginners

So you want to learn how to paint on fabric? That’s really cool and a great decision. There is so much you can do with fabric painting as a craft whether it’s for fun or profit. There was a time when this craft was considered a skill only for the schooled artist or the creative person. Not so, or should I say, not so anymore. It is certainly a craft that can easily be developed and in a very short time frame. There are so many people becoming involved in fabric painting in general but regardless of how many folks enter the field you can develop your own style; it’s like having a fingerprint, it’s completely yours no matter where you go your style will reflect you. You can and should put your unique twist to your work. Folks will begin to identify a certain look or style as your distinct signature piece.

The Art Of Renaissance

The Renaissance period produced what is perhaps the greatest of all western art. There are dozens of what we call ‘Old Masters’, but among the most famous are Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael and Titian in Italy, and in northern Europe. The rich patrons, princess churchmen, merchants and nobles all wanted new paintings to go with their new style palaces and they commissioned the greatest artists to work for them.

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