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The Difference Between Photorealism and Hyperrealism

Photorealism and Hyperrealism are almost always confused with each other. Hyperrealism, however, is an advance on Photorealism, which is merely the ‘art’ of copying a photograph so that the original photograph and resultant painting cannot be distinguished apart. Find out why Hyperrealism is so much more!

Children Can Learn to Paint By Numbers – How About By Robotic Toys?

A few years back, I met an interesting grad student who’d done work helping autistic kids learn using computers and avatars. Their work was part of a larger area of study which had concluded that autistic kids working with computerized avatars came out of their shell quicker than those working with actual teachers. Okay so, that was interesting.

The Diversity and Affluence of Art and Culture in North America

Have you ever wondered why people from different places have varying customs, beliefs, definition of art and what not? Have you realized that people from Russia are almost entirely different from that of North America? I’m sure you have as in this context culture has a lot of explaining to do.

Art Classes – The 3 Key Benefits Of Art For Your Child

This article outlines the benefits of taking art lessons for your child. Art helps stimulate creativity, solve critical problems and give you a sense of accomplishment.

Explore Fine Art in Europe With Latest Creativity Standards

Experiencing a perfect feature of art and culture in Europe will let you realize unique features in an extensive manner. The continent has itself achieved a unique status for itself in the entire world because of which international art lovers are known to visit the countries in a frequent manner.

Fine Art Paintings

Fine arts can be defined as the visual arts considered to have-been created primarily for intellectual and aesthetic purposes and they are judged for their beauty and meaningfulness. They include; paintings, sculptures, drawings water-color, graphics, and even architecture. Historically, the 5 main fine-arts were paintings, sculptures, architecture, poetry and music, with other minor-arts including dance and theater.

A True Master of Artistic Creation No Longer Thinks About Hand-Eye Coordination

How long does it take to create a habit? Some people have said it takes 21-days. At least that’s what the most popular self-help gurus tell us. Is that true? And how much time or how many movements does it take a martial artist to commit a particular motion to muscle memory? Some have said it is few as 5,000 and as many as 30,000 practice movements. We do a lot of things this way, by reflex, don’t we? How about breathing for instance?

Getting The Right Tools To Try Out Face Painting

Face painting is a great and entertaining hobby, and it is one that you can learn so long as you have the correct supplies and tools. In this article we will be looking at the equipment that you will need in order to start face painting, without the necessity to spend large sums of money on expensive supplies. Not all face paints are the same, and you will find that they vary in quality. You should try to buy the best quality face paints that you can, ones that are made specifically for face painting, and ones that are cosmetic grade as they are less likely to be harmful to the skin. Skin friendly face paints are important and even more so if you are face painting young children as their skin is likely to be more sensitive and prone to irritation.

Artistic Painting Ideas – Some Help to Get You Going

Are you an artist looking for some painting ideas? It happens to all of us, sooner or later. There you are facing a blank white surface and it’s time to squeeze paint onto a palette, load up the paintbrush and make that first mark. But, the moments tick by and unable to commit, the surface remains untouched and haunting.

Anyone Can Be An Artist: We’re Born To Create

My viewpoint on the importance of moms teaching drawing and painting to their kids. A mother’s perspective on creativity and sharing drawing and painting with your children.

Artist Interview: Stephanie Ayers – Painting Stories Into Art

Painting Stories into Art… most of Stephanie Ayers’ paintings truly have a story. When she finishes a painting it tells a story without all the pages and typing. It means one thing to the artist, and she loves hearing what it means to others, what they feel when they see artwork she has done.

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