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Different Styles of Painting

India as a land of diversity also inhabits various forms of beautiful paintings. The styles of Indian painting are always on the top of world.

Diego Rivera – A Mexican Painter and Muralist

Diego Rivera, a well-known Mexican painter, was born on December 8, 1886. When he was 10 years old, he went on to study art in Mexico City at the Academy of San Carlos. The governor of State of Veracruz, Teodoro A. Dehesa Mendez, supported Rivera to go on with his schoolwork in Europe.

Styles In Face Painting That You Can Do

There are some things that you have to keep in mind for you to be able to do face painting. It is indeed fun to do this activity especially in special events. You just need to familiarize some designs so that you will have a guide to do it. Remember the tips mentioned all the time for you to have a nice and cool guide.

Face Painting Guide And Tips

Make sure that you have the materials for you to clean or remove the paints. Try to secure damp sloths and water so that the models will not get messy. It is very vital that you follow some good tips before you proceed with the procedure. Try to remember the tips mentioned.

Tips For Buying The Right Brushes For Your Oil Portrait Painting

This article discusses how buying the right brushes for your oil portrait painting is very important. In particular it look at different types of oil painting brushes.

The History of Snazaroo Paint

Snazaroo paint is one of the most trusted and reliable brands when it comes to face painting. Read on to find out more about its history.

How to Paint Eyes – In Acrylic

It’s easy to learn how to paint eyes in acrylic. It’s also important to paint details accurately; your portrait will be more believable.

How to Paint a Person – Acrylic Portrait Painting Techniques

There are several ways to learn how to paint a person. Painting the “indication” of a person is probably the easiest. While painting a portrait of a person will take a bit more study, time and practice.

Painting Lessons Involving Watercolor Painting Techniques

LA Painting Lessons are available to all levels of ability, normally they manage a wide variety of subjects from still life and landscape to experimental methods. They also offer watercolor painting.

Painting Classes – Talking About the Benefits and Drawbacks on the Use of Acrylics and Oil Based

Several painting classes LA include the topic about the advantages and disadvantages of using Acrylics and Oil Based Paints. The pros and cons are put into this article in order to lead the beginners to decide on the kind of paints they would use when they begin their tasks.

10 Tips For Painting a Still Life

Painting a still life painting seems easy sometimes, that is until you actually do it! Frustration can build, if you aren’t following a few Still Life Painting Techniques. Here are 10 tips that should aid you when painting still life no matter what medium you are using.

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