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Giorgione Paintings

Giorgione was an inspirational Italian painter from the 15th and 16th century who helped shape the development of the Venetian School of artists, having lived in the city for most of his short life. The artist was very much part of the Italian High Renaissance, which itself is amongst the most respected and studied art movements in European history. Renaissance painters like Da Vinci and Michelangelo are huge names within art, but not so Giorgione who is not seen in the same light by the art mainstream, despite leaving such a strong influence himself.

Here’s a Simple Tip to Keep in Mind When Painting Art for Licensing

There’s a simple tip that will help you format your artwork so that it has a far greater chance of being licensed. In this article I’ll tell you what that is.

The Early Art of Making Paint From Nature

In the beginnings of civilization its can safely be assumed that color existed only in its most natural form. As with so many processes we now take for granted, mans’ discovery that he could arbitrarily add color to his life was most likely accidental. Imagine first discovering the stains of grass and leaves, of ripe juicy berries or of falling into a puddle of colored mud.

Christian Art – A Look at Baptism Paintings

In 1448 to 1450, Piero della Francesca a Renaissance master, finished painting The Baptism of Christ. This painting depicts Jesus baptized by John, a bird hovering over his head symbolizing the holy spirit. As represented in the painting, Jesus, John’s hand, the dove and the bowl form a symmetrically straight line…

Art in Childhood – The Role of Parents

Feed your children the Arts! Just as children need good nutrition to succeed on a daily basis, they need their daily serving of the arts. Studies have shown that involvement in the arts helps children to increase test scores and promotes academic achievement.

Oils or Acrylics – Which Is More Advantageous?

Painting using oil paints is unique in many ways. Primarily, oil paints are long lasting and are still being cherished after many centuries. Oil paints take a long time to dry, allowing the artist to blend colors together easily, and create works of luminous color. Acrylics were developed in the 1960’s, dry quickly, and are non toxic. Each method of painting has its advantages.

Francisco De Goya’s Third of May

Third of May by Francisco De Goya is an oil painting which holds great importance within the development of western art history thanks to the style of the painting itself as well as the great historical importance of the scene which is depicted within the art work. This article covers the Third of May in full with detail on both the painting and this historic moment in Spanish history as well. Goya wanted to use art to cover historical moments of Spain with a fair coverage and honesty that others preferred to avoid. For this reason he was seen as a painter who was taking art in new directions towards many of the styles that we enjoy today. Goya finest paintings besides Third of May included Second of May, Disasters of War, Sleep of Reason, Nude and Clothed Maja, Witches Sabbath and Dog.

Albrecht Durer’s Melancholia I

Albrecht Durer’s Melancholia I is one of the most famous etchings in the history of art and remains a controversial and much discussed piece of art work. Albrecht Durer himself was someone who was a key member of the Northern Renaissance which was a group of artists that followed on from the successes and developments brought about by the Italian Renaissance painters who had come about some years earlier. Melancholia I is the most impressive etching from a highly skilled artists who achieved success in many different types of art media. There were plenty of oil paintings plus also water colours within his other notable art works.

Van Gogh’s Trees

Trees by Van Gogh includes a great series of paintings by this famous Dutch artist who particularly loved the French countryside. Van Gogh was unquestionably an artist who found comfort within the natural surroundings of France and it was these types of paintings which helped to curb his mental problems and also unleash his bold colours upon another canvas. This article outlines his best respected paintings that included trees within the main focus of the work.

Processes Common in Fabric Painting Designs

Fabric painting designs are determined by the preparation process one subjects the material to before the actual painting. There are several processes that are advised in painting but some people do not have all the data before venturing in the fabric preparation. Washing the fabric before painting it is advised since it removes impurities in the fabric as well as allows the material to resize after the washing.

Encourage Emerging Artists

Art is a beautiful being, that a lot of people like to enjoy. Art comes in many forms, and people who have an artistic nature start seeing art in almost everything that they see and do. Their whole day is filled with artistic shapes and sights. However, for those who might not be able to recognize art in normal life, art comes to life in the form of paintings.

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