4 Tips for Painting Abstracts

How to get started creating your own abstract art work with these 4 basic tips. As an artist you will develop your own style and with it convey your own perspectives with abstract imagery.

The Best Paint to Use on a Figurine

Acrylic paints are the most popular for painting figurines as they are easy to control, affordable, widely available, and dry quickly. There is a wide array of types of acrylic paints to choose from so make sure to read the directions to be certain they will suit your intended use. Proper treatment of the surface will also determine just how successfully the paint you choose will perform and this will be outlined here.

The Mogul School Has Always Had a Strong Influence With Indian Art

Indian Art dates back thousands of years with every period of history yielding newer ways of expression. The art reflects religious, political and cultural developments, and a way to classify this type of art is to categorize the art works in terms of the region the artist came from.

Benefits and Pitfalls of Artists Using a Camera

So much controversy surrounds artists who use a camera to assist them. Here are reasons why a camera will benefit artists, but there are pitfalls too.

Can We Compare Photography and Painting to Determine Which Art Has Higher Artistic Value?

Painters and Photographers sometimes like to compare among themselves to see which group is more artistic. I just like to share about my views of this topic…

What Is an Artist’s Style?

Is an artist’s style so important? Should an artist be concerned about style or is there more important qualities that should be explored?

The Founding Fathers of Modern Art in Europe Taught Us How to Paint and So Much More

It is impossible to describe modern art in Europe without mentioning the names of masters like Courbet, Manet, Matisse, Picasso, Cezanne, Gauguin, Seurat, Redon, Toulouse-Lautrec, and Van Gogh. These men are considered founding fathers of modern art. They did not only created a new artistic style, they even destroyed the barriers that separated the common people from the fine arts.

The Need to Study Modern Asian Art

It is exciting and at the same time, a daunting challenge to study modern art in Asia. The excitement is due to the anticipation of discovering something new. Needless to say the East and the West are worlds apart and therefore an artist is interested to know what was the effect of certain historical developments on artistic styles and how these have influenced how Asian artists create their own identity within an art world that seems to be dominated by Westerners.

All About Russian Art: Historical and Contemporary Art

Historically, Russian art has been depicted in Western European art forms heavily influenced by Slavic and Byzantine culture. The styles that dominated this period were of a Soviet culture and nature. A story is told where a group of art rebels walked away from artistic themes that were once controlled by the Russian Academy of Arts in St. Petersburg formed in 1757.

Are You Painting Too Slowly?

Painting intuitively is the answer to producing paintings with impact. Learn to paint with passion by painting quick studies from life.

The Development of Modern Art in the United States of America

Before the United States of America became the world-recognized economic and military power, its humble beginnings could be traced back to a period in American history wherein European settlers established colonies and called their new home as the New World. The discoverer had the honor to name the continent as such.

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